Is Dota Officially Renewed For A Season 3? Here’s Everything We Know

Is Dota Officially Renewed For A Season 3? Here’s Everything We Know

Our obsession with video games starts at a young age, but it does not wear off like other hobbies. The compelling stories and flawed yet ideal characters are part of the craze behind games. Thus, when Netflix released season 2 of DOTA: Dragon’s Blood on January 18, it delighted the fans. However, fans wish to hear more of Davion’s events in the new season.

The animated series follows Dragon Knight Davion and moon princess Mirana on a quest to kill all the dragons. But Terrorblade, a demon, pursues the same goal to collect the souls of the dragons. The two seasons have not completed the story. Thus, fans’ expectations are not completely unfounded.

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Season 3 confirmation

As it stands, Netflix has not renewed DOTA: Dragon’s Book for season 3. But fans should wait for at least a month before losing all hope, as Netflix will wait for a certain period to assess the public response. If the analytics turn out right for Book 2, then Netflix will announce the renewal of the series.  

Since the series is based on the multiplayer battle arena video game DOTA 2 by Valve. And, the creators of the animated series do not have any source material to rely upon. But, the creators might have developed a third season depending on their deal with Netflix and their original vision.

The release date for the next season

The animated series first premiered on Netflix on March 25, 2021, and the second season premiered in less than a year. Fingers crossed, if everything falls in place for DOTA, fans can expect season 3 to release in early or mid-2023. The third season should have eight episodes, as the previous ones. But if the creators wish to end things in season 3, we might get more episodes.

Fans are not alone, as they have got an influential ally in Ashley Edward Miller, who hopes the series gets a third season. The creator and co-writer of the series expressed his views in an hour-long AMA on DOTA 2 subreddit: “I hope there’s a season 3 because I’d really like to get to the crazy shit that’s rattling around my skull.” 

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Thus, it all comes down to the fans, who need to rewatch the series and recommend it to your friends. Fans should express their love for the series and tag Netflix on various social media platforms.

What were your thoughts on season 2 of DOTA: Dragon’s Blood?

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