Is ‘Devil in Ohio’ Cult of Worshipping Lucifer Morningstar Real?

Is ‘Devil in Ohio’ Cult of Worshipping Lucifer Morningstar Real?

Devil In Ohio is another brilliant addition to Netflix’s catalog of crime series. Based on Daria Polatin’s best-selling book of the same name, the eerie music, horrifying visuals, and most importantly the cult in the series will leave you sleepless. The series uses a cult to make its place in the minds of people. The reason why most of us shiver at the mention of a cult is that they all start as a tribe or group. A group of fans who admire their idols slowly turns into a bunch of obsessed people worshipping one person.

Netflix’s Devil in Ohio plays with this concept to create an intriguing psychological crime thriller. After watching the eight-part long series, the question in everyone’s mind is whether the Devil in Ohio cult ‘Sliocht an Diabhail’ is real Considering that the book is based on real events, many assumed that it is. The mastermind behind the series, Daria Polatin, sat down with Anne Cohen, and answered the question once and for all.

Is Devil in Ohio located in Amon County for real?

The series begins with Suzanne Mathis brilliantly portrayed by Emily Deschanel, as she takes a fragile girl named Mae Dodd to her house. While there are many theories about why Suzanne felt the need to take the girl home, what captivated her so much to Mae, the simplest one is she just wanted Mae to be safe until they found a good foster home.

Given that Suzanne has three precious daughters of her own, we can see where the empathy is coming from. Mae Dodd was not a girl of many words, as is the case with most people who run away. However, when she sits at the dinner table with Suzanne and the girl, she drops a real bomb.

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To everyone’s horror, Suzanne begins to ask for blessings from Morningstar aka the Devil himself. This is when it sinks in that Mae is a cult runaway. Before you begin digging deeper, Daria Polatin has confirmed that the cult is all made up.

She spoke with a light in her eye about her creation. In order to make the cult look more realistic, writers wrote down their own bible. Adding to that, the location of the cult, Amon County is also not real. But do not relax just yet because Devil in Ohio is in fact based on a real incident in Ohio that only the people there and the writer know about.

Did you believe that the cult in Devil in Ohio was real? Let us know in the comments down below! Meanwhile, stream the series on Netflix.

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