Is Cobra Kai a Real Martial Art? What Kind of Karate Is Cobra Kai?

Is Cobra Kai a Real Martial Art? What Kind of Karate Is Cobra Kai?

Too much of anything quickly turns into an obsession, and Cobra Kai fans will agree. The karate-loving fans have been following the series closely, and they have watched it multiple times. These veteran fans have their doubts about the series being real. And honestly, at some point in time, all of us had the same thought.

So, let us look at the history of our beloved dojo and if our doubts have facts to support it. Viewers who haven’t completed the series should consider before reading further, for there might be spoilers.

Is Cobra Kai a real dojo?

Cobra Kai the series already has a long legacy, but the dojo has a bigger legacy. For all the die-hard fans of the series, an actual dojo of the same name actually started back in 1971. Just like Mr. Miyagi and Kreese, late Grandmaster Steven G. Abbate, founder of Cobra Kai, was a war veteran and earned a Silver Star.

However, Abbate named his dojo after taking his techniques into consideration. Abbate was a master of two styles, namely Northern Shaolin 7-Star Praying Mantis and Tai Kit Kuen. For Abbate, Tit Kai Kuen translated to ‘Grand Snake Fist’, which became Cobra and Kai is Japanese for ‘group’. Thus, we will never know if the dojo inspired Robert Mark Kamen, writer of “The Karate Kid.”

Unfortunately, cancer claimed Abbate’s life in 2007. However, his legacy is still alive, as his students are grateful to him. Gian Lencioni, one of Abbate’s many students, says:

“He was a genuinely good guy. But training under him was very intense, much more so than we ever saw in Cobra Kai. He was a good coach though. Training there, as short of a time as I did, left a lifelong impression on me.”

Are Cobra Kai fights realistic?

The action in the series looks real and there is an actual dojo, but the action sequences are fake. Netflix has spent enough money to hire good choreographers and stunt directors, which makes the action sequences look real.

Even professional players won’t fight with a dislocated shoulder, let alone win. So, don’t go out bragging about your karate skills, or else you might end up like Miguel from the start of the series.

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