Is ‘Claustrophobia’ (2011) Available on Netflix? Which Other Similar Movies Can You Stream on Netflix?

Is ‘Claustrophobia’ (2011) Available on Netflix? Which Other Similar Movies Can You Stream on Netflix?

What would happen if you were trapped inside of a house while living next to you is a man that you are pretty sure is capable of committing a murder? Well, that is the exact story of this 2011 thriller movie Claustrophobia. Directed by Harlan Schneider, the movie takes us into the mind of a deaf man who is struck with fear and agony, while trying to escape the house somehow.

The film is indeed an experience that one should have on their own, and it is actually a treat for anyone who loves to enjoy a thriller. So, can you stream it on Netflix?

Is Claustrophobia (2011) available on Netflix?

Well, sadly Claustrophobia is not available on Netflix to stream. We would all be lucky if it was. However, there are other similar movies that are around the same theme of closely packed horror. So, maybe you can catch up with some of those movies.

Similar movies to Claustrophobia on Netflix

These movies bring out the fear and helplessness that one may come across while staying alone in a closed space. Well, we definitely do not need to explain the notion of claustrophobia to you. So with no further ado, let us introduce you to some of the best movies about claustrophobia on Netflix.

Gerald’s Game

Well, if there is a movie about horror and it involves an adaptation of a novel, you are sure to find Mike Flanagan around it. From the director of Netflix’s Midnight Mass, this movie is an equally unsettling and scary experience. Only in this case, the entire horror happen inside of a room.

Based on the book of the same name written by the master of horror himself, Stephen King. Gerald’s Game follows Jessie Burlingame, an unlucky woman who finds herself strapped to a bedpost and has literally no way to untie and free herself. Along with the amazing performance of actors and fluid translation from text, Gerald’s Game will surely leave you haunted for life.

Understand Claustrophobia in a whole new way with “Platform” on Netflix

Yet another foreign-language movie that made its way to the Netflix catalog. Platform might just make you run to your library and pick up George Orwell’s 1984. The Spanish thriller features a couple of people leaving on various floors of a building. The major catch of the movie is that there is this platform that goes from floor to floor to deliver food, and you can only pick from what is left on it.

Starting from the top with an extravagant variety of eatables; by the time the platform reaches the lowest floors, it has nothing but scrap left on it. Following a class division, the most wealthy and prestigious of the people get to be on the top floors, while the least privileged are on the lowest ones. This Netflix Original will no doubt will cause a feeling of claustrophobia for Netflix viewers.


Well, the horror genre is always Mike Flanagan heavy. hence, there is another Flanagan movie that makes it to the list of claustrophobic movies on Netflix. This time it is his 2016 thriller movie, Hush. The central character of the movie is a deaf author who has to fight and survive the unnamed home invader who is really dangerous and played by the very talented John Gallagher Jr.

The movie keeps you on the edge of your seat for its entirety. The signature storytelling of Mike, along with the added thrill of Maddie’s deafness, creates a whole new experience for the viewers. And this helps you draw some parallels with Claustrophobia (2011) as well.

The Invitation

What do you do when you receive a mysterious invitation to a party from your ex-wife? Well, Will and his girlfriend Kira decided to accept it and attend whatever the celebration was. Even after facing some pretty suspicious signs and mysterious conceptions, they barely take the hints before things finally get a little scary.

Will soon realizes that there is something wrong with his ex-wife. And the movie then revolves around the horrific that goes down at this gathering. The Invitation on Netflix is a movie that is overlooked a lot, and for once we would like you to give it a chance.

Tell us, what is your favorite thriller movie to stream on Netflix?

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