Is ‘A Tear in the Sky’ Available on Netflix? Where Can You Watch the UFO / UAP Documentary Online?

Is ‘A Tear in the Sky’ Available on Netflix? Where Can You Watch the UFO / UAP Documentary Online?

The universe is mysterious. Humans are still trying to figure out the mysteries hidden out there. Till date, several unidentified flying objects are found and scientists are trying to know more about them. If you are curious about these kinds of things, we have a documentary to recommend: A Tear in the Sky. The award-winning documentary is extremely interesting, as it is live research in real-time. What is it about? It is available on Netflix? Let’s know more about it.

What is A Tear in the Sky about?

The award-winning documentary, A Tear in the Sky, takes you on a miraculous journey into the UFO / UAP phenomenon. In the documentary, a team of military personnel, scientists, and special guest, William Shatner, will attempt to re-capture, in real-time, the US Navy “TicTac” UFOs and other space abnormalities. They are using state-of-the-art, military-grade machinery and technology.

Although the UFO phenomenon exists before one can know, very little scientific research is available to the public. Those researches are classified as various governments and militaries across the planet have done the research. However, this film is a documentary on how these teams of military experts, scientists, and researchers come together and launch an investigation into this alluring world of the unknown. The results of the research will be provided to the public. But the question remains Is it on Netflix?

Is A Tear in the Sky on Netflix? Where can you watch it?

Unfortunately, Netflix doesn’t have this mysteriously exciting documentary A Tear in the Sky. But do not worry. We have places for you where you can watch this documentary.

Amazon Prime

Yes, on Amazon Prime Video, you can rent this documentary for $3.99 or you can buy it for $12.99 in HD quality and enjoy.


Not among the free movies, but you can rent or buy this beautiful documentary on this platform, as well for $2.99 and $12.99 respectively.

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Although A Tear in the Sky released on May 3, 2022, it is not available on Netflix. But on the above-mentioned platforms, you can watch this documentary and share your reviews here with us.


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