Interceptor Ending Explained: Does Collins Manage To Stop The Missile?

Interceptor Ending Explained: Does Collins Manage To Stop The Missile?

Released on Netflix on May 26, 2022, Interceptor is a period film by Matthew Reilly. Featuring Elsa Pataky as the central face of the movie battling to save the lives of the American people. J. J. Collins receives the information that a group of fanatics is planning to blast America with 16 nuclear missiles. However, the ending of Interceptor has muddled many viewers’ minds so we will explain it from a clear perspective. Whereas Spoiler Alert’ for people who haven’t watched the movie yet as this will take away your curiosity.

Blasting the final moments of Interceptor: Ending Explained 

Firstly, Collins finds the most challenging mission of her life after she has to transfer to a remote location. As we see former intelligence officer Alexander Kessel is the executor of this lethal missile plan. Although he is just playing on the tunes of some secret Russian terrorist gang who shoots him in t   end. Secondly, Captain Collins has to hold the baseline until any military help comes to save the nation. For that, she goes under a massive fight with terrorists invading seaborne interceptor base SBX-1.

After Corporal Rahul Shah closes the underwater valves to save Collin sometime before SBX-1 sinks. Unfortunately, Shah is killed by Baker in the process to terminate their evil plan. Collins implements her plan and hides in the command center to let Kessel activate missiles so that she could stop it before time. She uses Baker’s gaming laptop to access the control of Interceptors and launches them at the last second. Finally, Collin is successful at saving the US as Interceptors destroy the 15 missiles headed towards destruction.

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What happens to Captain Collins in the end and does her father survive? 

Yes! The nation’s new hero gets saved by The SEAL team before the ship sinks in the ocean. We see her recovering from her injuries in the hospital in the final scene. Surprisingly, her dad is saved by his former military friends before Kessel’s pawn could kill him. Also, JJ is appointed to National Security Staff for her bravery hence restoring her defamed image.

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Viewers seeking out some summer action movies can add Interceptor to their list. And enlighten us with your view about this action-packed film streaming on Netflix.

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