Instagram Reel Made Will Smith Ask This Question to His Academy Award in the Most Hilarious Way Possible

Instagram Reel Made Will Smith Ask This Question to His Academy Award in the Most Hilarious Way Possible

Celebrities using social media features and contributing to content sometimes can be hilarious. Remember when Henry Cavill posted his clean shaved look on his Instagram profile in a hilarious way? How fans adored the actor while praising the way he revealed the look! Though the Oscar-winning actor, Will Smith, did not have a new look to expose, he had a question for his Academy Award.

The most popular feature on Instagram is the reel section. People make various videos of 15-60 seconds and create a variety of content. The Men in Black actor came across a reel that claimed that a person could get an answer by questioning a non-living thing. The reel urged the viewers to pick up an object and ask, “What it thinks of you?” One is supposed to get an answer in mind through intuition. Intrigued by the information shared, Smith tried the trick. And guess which object did the actor pick up?

The Emancipation actor picked up his Oscar award and just looked at it, expecting the answer. However, the actor seemed to leave the answer to his fans. After watching this remix of the reel, the Smith fandom poured their hearts out in the comment section. They loved how the actor picked up his award and just looked at it. And some of them also wanted to know what Oscar said.

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This is not the first time the actor has used the platform to entertain his fans. Smith also uses social media handles to announce big news about his professional life, too.

How Will Smith uses social media handles to update his fans?

There was an instance last year when the Fresh Prince gave a bit of advice to his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith. He recorded the video of them getting into their car. And as they talked, papa Smith calmed his wife down by giving her the most peculiar suggestion. And it was hilarious, as well. Recently, the Aladdin actor recorded himself as he drove to his buddy, Martin Lawrence’s home.

Meanwhile, Smith has a jam-packed schedule. After his comeback in Emancipation, the 54-year-old actor will come back with other sequels to his blockbuster movies. Smith is starring in the sequel to one of his best rom-com films, Hitch. The fans can also see him as Genie once again in Aladdin 2.

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While we are waiting for these films to land on our screens, share your thoughts about the reel that the actor just shared on Instagram. Drop your views in the comment box below.

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