Inside Story: Will Smith Got Sarcastic Golden Globes Award During Commercial Break for “Best Portrayal Of…”

Inside Story: Will Smith Got Sarcastic Golden Globes Award During Commercial Break for “Best Portrayal Of…”

One thing fans are sure of going into this award season is that despite his absence, Will Smith is going to get countless mentions on stage. Recently, the Golden Globes were conducted and there were enough Will Smith Oscar slap jokes to make the Internet question why we are still joking about it. Approximately about a year ago, the celebrated actor stepped up on stage and smacked veteran stand-up comic Chris Rock.

To top it off, he belted out Internet’s now favorite catchphraseGet my wife’s name out of your f***ing mouth. The above catchphrase made its way into becoming the top meme of 2022, as well as Eddie Murphy’s blueprint for achieving prosperity and peace of mind. Following the slap gate, Smith disappeared for nine months until the release of Emancipation. Although Emancipation may not have gotten Will Smith an award, his catchphrase did.

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Will Smith takes first award show slap after Oscar slap gate

Contrary to popular belief, Will Smith did receive an award at the Golden Globes. And by a comedian at that. Emmy-winning comedian Jerrod Carmichael apart from presenting Tom Cruise’s Top Gun: Maverick costars an award in the best most awkward air-sucking way possible also presented an award to the American actor. The comedian said, “While we were on a commercial break, we presented Will Smith with the Rock Hudson awards for Best portrayal of Masculinity on television.”

Not too shabby for someone who audibly smacked someone onstage? Fans who are mostly done with all things Oscar slap gate-related made space for the Rothalian comedian. Meanwhile, Smith has been silently boycotted by every major award except for the Academy Awards, as they were as loud as Smith’s smack in their ten-year ban on the actor.

After watching Emancipation, people were unsure of the award show ban on the actor. And some even spoke up against it. Smith is a brilliant actor and fans actually want him to get awarded. While the Oscar-winning actor is still on for some massive projects, we doubt that he will be getting nominated for the Best Actor category anytime soon.

What was your favorite Jerrod Carmichael dig at the Golden Globes 2023? Let us know in the comments below.

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