Inside Job Season 2: Updates, News, and What to Expect

Inside Job Season 2: Updates, News, and What to Expect

Netflix released Inside Job on October 22, 2021, and the adult animated series had tasted success instantly. The offbeat premise might have done the trick for the series. Now, fans are eagerly waiting for Inside Job season 2 as the first season ended on a cliffhanger.

Shion Takeuchi’s debut animated series as a creator explores the concept of a shadow government controlling all the conspiracy theories. Shion has previously worked as a writer on Gravity Falls. As you might have binged Inside Job on Netflix a while ago, we start with a recap of season one.

Season one recap

In season one, we meet Reagan Ridley, the socially awkward genius who leads a team of distinct characters at Cognito Inc. In addition, she wants to secure a promotion and lead the shadow government organization. But Reagan, besides being antisocial, has to constantly attend to her alcoholic father Rand, who was once the founder of Cognito Inc.

Future of Inside Job

Netflix had ordered 20 episodes from Shion Takeuchi in their multi-year deal, and Shion delivered the first set. The first season of Inside Job had 10 episodes not lasting more than half an hour. This means fans are definitely getting 10 more episodes of the adult animated series. However, Netflix hasn’t announced an official date for the release of the second season yet.

However, the way things ended in season one, it is likely that we get another season soon.

Reagan finds out about her dad’s evil intentions and has a face-off with him. As a result, Cognito Inc. reinstates Rand to his former position, and Reagan is back to square one with a long way ahead. The series has enough scope to squeeze a season or two out of it.

Inside Job season 2 cast

The main cast for Inside Job season 2 will remain unchanged with a few exceptions here and there. It will thrill the fans to see some new characters, which will add more star power to the cast and propel the story forward. Inside Job season 1 cast includes:

Lizzy Caplan as Reagan Ridley

Christian Slater as Rand Ridley

Clark Duke as Brett Hand

Tisha Campbell as Gigi Thompson

Andy Daly as J. R. Scheimphough

John DiMaggio as Glenn Dolphman

Bobby Lee as Dr. Andre

Brett Gelman as Magic Myc


Are you excited about the next season? How do you think Reagan will take revenge in Inside Job season? Let us know in the comments below!

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