‘Indian Matchmaking’ Season 2 Returns With the Same Raising Eyebrows as Sima Aunty Sets Out to Fix Marriages

‘Indian Matchmaking’ Season 2 Returns With the Same Raising Eyebrows as Sima Aunty Sets Out to Fix Marriages

Indian Matchmaking Season 2 from Netflix with Sima Taparia from Mumbai has once again peaked in viewership ratings. Now it does not matter whether you are watching the show to indulge in the memes and say “first is marriage, then love” to your friends at random intervals of time, what matters is that Sima Aunty is winning and she will be back with a Season 3 of Indian Matchmaking. Similar to the extravagant lifestyles of the participants that are captured in the show, the show itself went all out and became one of the popular variety shows.

The show has the audience raising eyebrows and scoffing in every frame for many reasons. Most important and obvious is the fact that none of the matches that ”elite matchmaker” Sima Aunty made in the last season could last for even a few months. However, she is back to once again help men that have bizarrely high standards to find partners, and to once again tell girls that their standards are too high even if they ask for the bare minimum. But who is noticing?

Indian Matchmaking and the intrigue behind it

The Netflix variety show follows Ms Taparia, or Sima Aunty as her followers like to call her, as she tries to make marriages work. For the International audience, it is yet another testament to the ‘Big fat Indian Wedding’ phenomenon. The show has the habit of treating casteism, colorism, and sexism as a norm just like many in Indian society.

Therefore, the show acts like a mirror to the stereotypes deep-rooted in the minds of Indian society. The fine line that makes the show funny is our very own Sima Aunty. The way she carries the matchmaking industry on her shoulders along with the hefty amount of gold is no joke. In addition, Sima aunty is the personification of unhinged feelings of entitlement found in every single person.

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The comments passed by her in Indian Matchmaking Season 2 were a tad bit toned down compared to the previous one. If you consider her saying that Nick Jonas looks petite compared to Priyanka Chopra as toned down then yes, Sima Aunty is the epitome of toned down.

Another aspect that makes the show interesting is how Sima Aunty has clients in the United States. Indian Matchmaking shows successful women with bright careers looking for a man of the same caste, which is equal parts unbelievable and disturbing. The insane criteria that her clients have will make you think that asking for a six feet tall man or a girl with blue eyes is the bare minimum that you could do. If you liked Indian Matchmaking, then check out our list of the best dating shows on Netflix.

What is your favorite Sima Taparia one-liner, let us know in the comments down below.

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