INCONSISTENCY! Prince Harry Accused of Messing Up Meghan Markle’s First Date Dress Details

INCONSISTENCY! Prince Harry Accused of Messing Up Meghan Markle’s First Date Dress Details

Prince Harry is riding on the success of his memoir Spare. The book has created history in terms of first-day sales all across the globe. However, the Duke is also facing a heavy backlash as the readers have pointed out various inconsistencies in the events mentioned in Spare. The royal experts and the crown loyalists took no time in terming the prince a liar after the claims of him contradicting his wife Meghan Markle’s previous interview went viral.

In their blockbuster Netflix docuseries, Harry & Meghan, the Duke, revealed seeing his wife for the first time on Instagram. He was charmed by a Snapchat video of Markle in which she was spotted with the dog filter. However, it was the Soho House in London that got the privilege of hosting their first date night. Describing the events in his memoir, the Sussex royal caused a controversy. His description of the former American actress’ dress on that fateful day did not match with the one given by his wife in an HBO interview five years back.

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Prince Harry messed up Meghan Markle’s outfit 

As per the Daily Mail, Prince Harry mentioned in the Spare, “She was wearing a black sweater, jeans, heels. I knew nothing about clothes. But I knew she was chic.” While it was romantic of the Duke to remember Markle’s dress details, it gave birth to a lot of controversies. Following the release of the memoir, Meghan Markle’s 2018 video started trending on social media, where she described her wedding dress.

Filming for the documentary Queen of the World, Markle revealed, adding a blue fabric to her white wedding dress. “The piece of blue fabric that’s stitched inside. It’s my something blue. It’s fabric from the dress I wore on our first date,” Markle told the host. 

A TikTok user was quick to note the discrepancy as they made a video to criticize the prince for the major blunder. While a lot of fans slammed the California-based royal for spewing lies, there were some who defended him, saying that Meghan Markle might not have considered the blind date in Soho as their first proper romantic gateway

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    January 16, 2023 at 10:53 am

    They’re blind date was not their official date. From what I remember she was going to be leaving town the next day so they had dinner together the next night. So I think that’s the difference in the outfits. One was the first meeting which was a blind date and the second one was an actual official date. Plus one person’s memory of the first nights could be different than another person’s memory it was some time ago. I doubt he was lying they just have different memories of the events

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