In Wake of New Marriage, Kanye West Gets Roped in a Lawsuit Surrounding a Kim Kardashian Song

In Wake of New Marriage, Kanye West Gets Roped in a Lawsuit Surrounding a Kim Kardashian Song

Just when the world thought that Kanye West was turning over a new leaf, the rapper once again found himself in trouble. The past few months since the Paris Fashion week have been a series of distressing events for the rapper’s fans and presumingly the rapper as well. West has gone from being considered a “woke” guru of sorts by netizens to now being considered highly mentally stable by many. After all the major brands boycotting him in a united movement, the rapper supposedly went missing, news that gained momentum after his business manager was trying to find him regarding a lawsuit.

For weeks, the Internet stressed about the whereabouts of the rapper and the Illuminati making him rap in their secret cave. However, all mouths were shut as reports about the College Dropout singer getting married to a designer at Yeezy went viral. Adding to the fact was the shocking resemblance Kanye West’s new wife has to his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian. Safe to say, the Internet went berserk. Despite the absurdity, fans came to the conclusion that as long as the rapper is not yelling his love for Hitler and continued to drop genius music, they were happy for him. But it was not long before news of the rapper being sued again came to light.

Kanye West faces a lawsuit for cheating

The Donda rapper has found himself facing a lawsuit for cheating Trax Records. The Grammy-winning artist had previously sampled many artists on his chart-topping album, Donda. For more context, in order to sample songs, you require permission from the original owner. And according to Tax Records, Ye did not.

According to The Blast, in the lawsuit that Trax Records filed against Kanye West, they mentioned that Flowers by Ye is sampled from Move Your Body by Marshall Jefferson. Furthermore, “unauthorized sample taken by West is repeated at least 22 times throughout ‘Flowers’,” the complaint against Ye reads.

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The company has filed to charge Ye for damages and also the profits he made from the song. Despite his new marriage, eyes are once again on Kim Kardashian and Kanye West as ‘Flowers’ was supposedly written for the reality TV star.

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