In Pictures: The Dazzling Cast of ‘Partner Track’ on Netflix at the Premiere of the K-Drama X Suits Show

In Pictures: The Dazzling Cast of ‘Partner Track’ on Netflix at the Premiere of the K-Drama X Suits Show

Netflix’s Partner Track follows an Asian lawyer and her track to discovering who she really is. The series revolves around a passionate corporate lawyer Ingrid Yu. A series about an Asian lawyer who is trying to make a mark in the competitive field of law while trying to manage her turbulent love life at the same time. Adren Cho plays the three-dimensional character of Ingrid Yu. The series just premiered and boy did the cast looks absolutely stellar on the red carpet. Before we get into the good and bad of the series, let us take in what the cast wore.

Partner Track cast slay at the red carpet event

Starting off the star of the show is Arden Cho who plays Ingrid Yun. The girl absolutely stole the show. Arden is an actress, singer, and model. The triple kill is best known for her work in Teen Wolf and Ryan Higa’s Agents of Secret Stuff. Furthermore, the actress did not deviate much from her role in the series and wore a formal yet flashy suit.

The violet color complimented her skin very well. For hair, the Partner Track star opted for a sleek middle part and a bun showing off her snatched cheekbones. A dewy makeup look and a vibrant yellow clutch sealed her look.

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Next in line is Dominic Sherwood who plays the beautiful blonde boy named Jeff Murphy in the series. He has previously starred in popular shows such as Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments, Vampire Academy, and Penny Dreadful: City of Angels. He and Arden Cho have incredible chemistry in the series.

At the premiere event of Partner Track, Dominic looked dapper in his navy blue suit and sleeked-back hair. The white button-down with his navy blue blazer just had him looking nothing short of a Disney prince.

Adding to the beauty was Rob Heaps. The brown-eyed Cassanova plays Nick Laren in the Netflix series. Furthermore, he is your typical ‘good guy’ and treats Ingrid just right. Previously, Nick Laren has been seen in Imposters and Good Girls. He wore a blue button-down underneath his subtly checkered navy blue suit.

Desmond Chiam, Nolan Funk, Alexandra Turshen, Roby Attal, and Bradley Gibson were all looking dashing. Grace Lee, the talented screenwriter, and Helen Wan the author of the novel were also shining bright.

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