IN PICTURES: Jonathan Bailey Style for GQ in a Steamy Photoshoot Before Bridgerton Season 2 Release

IN PICTURES: Jonathan Bailey Style for GQ in a Steamy Photoshoot Before Bridgerton Season 2 Release

Jonathan Bailey is hot this season. And by this, we don’t just mean that he looks hot in all those GQ photos, but he IS one of the most sought-after actors now! The Bridgerton actor has been basking in fame ever since it was announced that he’ll be playing the lead in the upcoming season. Directors are now waiting at his door to have the star in their projects even if that means the wait will be a long one! 

And thankfully, GQ recently blessed us with some photos from the actor’s photoshoot.

That’s not the right way to sit on a chair Jonathan Bailey 

Regency-era Anthony would never approve of Bailey sitting crookedly on a chair like this. But well he makes that work as well. His permed hair and muttonchops are gone which by the way he grew himself. Kind of a like glow up for his womanizer aristocrat, Anthony Bridgerton.

We seriously doubt that Ami Paris sweater is keeping him warm 

Don’t get us wrong, we enjoy the glimpse that we are getting, but we are also worried that it might be too cold for the Bridgerton actor, Jonathan Bailey. He looks especially handsome in this side profile, with his chiseled features in focus.

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The Omega watch isn’t the focus here

Speaking on behalf of all the fangirls, the photographer knew what he was doing. The Dior Men sweater does enhance his visuals. He gives off warm but sensual vibes.

Checkered pants were made for the Bridgerton star, Jonathan Bailey

Decked in Georgia Armani, he looks super comfortable posing with a tree. Where is the serious theater actor? All we see is a star in the making.

In the second picture, he works those checkered pants so well. The long coat, the open button shirt, the pants, and his smoldering gaze is a deadly combination.


A complete 360 from his regency era gentleman looks 

The stylist did a good job putting the actor in boots and shorts. It adds a nice twist to his otherwise Mr. Darcy looks.

He goes edgy in the next photo where he pairs a turtle neck with a suit and a boot. 

Season 2 of the Shonda Rhimes’ Bridgerton will see Jonathan Bailey‘s Anthony romancing Kate Sharma despite vowing never to fall in love again. You can stream Bridgerton season 2 starting from March 25, 2022.

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