IN PICTURES: ‘Elite’ Season 5 Updates, Is Ander Coming Back? Will Cayetana and Phillipe Get Back Together?

IN PICTURES: ‘Elite’ Season 5 Updates, Is Ander Coming Back? Will Cayetana and Phillipe Get Back Together?

The Spanish drama, Elite is all set to return for season 5. Netflix has shared some images from the upcoming seasons for the fans. Although the streamer has been tight-lipped about the narrative this season, you can always expect some dramatic moments from this drama. Some of our old favorites are returning, for example, Samuel and Omar.

Samuel doesn’t look interested in socializing

Last season, Samuel helped Guzman cover-up Armando’s death but will that come back to haunt him this season? He looks occupied and clearly tense in this picture. He seems to be a part of a social gathering but looks rather nervous.

On the other hand, Ari, Patrick’s sister, looks like she is still living a lavish lifestyle. All dressed up with wine glasses in both her hands, Ari is ready for a party. 

Will Cayetana and Phillippe rekindle their relationship in Elite season 5?

Holding a toy gun, Cayetana looks like she’s having a blast at the party. In the next picture, she’s in the washroom with her ex-boyfriend Phillippe. After their nasty breakup and Phillippe owning up to his crimes, these two don’t look like they are getting back together.

However, Phillippe does seem visibly upset. What must have happened?

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What will happen to Omar in Elite Season 5? 

Like her ex-boyfriend Samuel, Rebeka is also repeating her final year at Las Encinas. Daughter of a drug dealer, she was expelled for dealing drugs. She is at a party, but like Samuel isn’t exactly enjoying it. She is looking hard at something we’ll only know after the season’s premiere.

In attendance at the party is also the rebellious Mencía, the youngest of the Commerford family, and Omar. Omar might still be pining for Ander.

In another photo, he is talking to someone on the phone and looks concerned. Is it Ander he’s talking to? 

Iván chumming it up with Patrick

Ari’s twin brother enjoyed a polygamous relationship with Ander and Omar last season before the former left. It seems the seductive Patrick has caught the eyes of the new student Iván.

And lastly, we get a picture of the newest student, Isadora, an Instagram influencer with 1.2 million followers. 

Elite season 5 returns on April 8, 2022. Save the date! 

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