In From the Cold Ending Twist EXPLAINED

In From the Cold Ending Twist EXPLAINED

More often than not, season finales that end with a twist or cliffhanger are difficult to interpret. The need for a climactic ending leaves fans dazed and confused. The season finale of In From The Cold has somewhat of a similar effect on fans and viewers. Here’s the breakdown of the final scene.

What is In From the Cold about?

Ozark might be ending soon, but the crime thrillers on Netflix are sure to keep viewers engaged for long. In From The Cold is one such show that dabbles between the world of crime and conspiracy.

The 8 episodes of the Netflix Original follow the life of Anya Petrova, an ex-Russian spy, and her new life and identity. She has a young daughter Becca who is unaware of her mother’s past, something Anya, now Jenny Franklin, intends on keeping things the same way. Through the entire course of the series, we watch Jenny swerve attempts from her former rivals and coworkers to be pulled back into her previous life as an agent.

A series of bizarre deaths that seem to be related to each other requires Jenny to assume the role of the infamous ‘Whisper’ again. But, she constantly seems to want to stay away from this. Viewers are led to believe that it is peace and relatively normal life that she seeks, alongside her daughter. In the end, a single phone call changes viewers’ entire perception of Jenny and the events they watched unfurl through the episodes.

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What was the ending twist?

Gideon, the international terrorist that seemed to be the primary antagonist of the series, turns out to be Jenny’s mother, Svetlana. When Jenny shoots Gideon/Svetlana, we assume that the character did so to protect her daughter.

But, all of this changes when Jenny goes to her garage, picks up a mysterious-looking phone, and says “Agent Anya Petrova. Everything is fine. It worked.” Making for a mind-blowing twist, viewers see that Jenny was, in fact, fully aware of what was happening. She wasn’t quite as clueless as we initially believed her to be. Of course, the twist as significant as this requires a lot more detailed explanation. As of now, there is no news of season 2 of In From The Cold, but we’re assuming that the series might be back at the beginning of 2023.

Stay tuned for any and all updates about this Netflix Original! And meanwhile, keep streaming the show on Netflix.

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