“I’m unironically enjoying it”: Daniel Radcliffe on His Love for Shows Like ‘Love Is Blind’

“I’m unironically enjoying it”: Daniel Radcliffe on His Love for Shows Like ‘Love Is Blind’

Not a day goes by when you see at least one person cringing over the fact that reality dating shows are being made a day in and day out. To be fair, sometimes it does feel like these reality shows are a bit too much. But what if everyone’s favorite fantasy character advocated such shows? Well, not just advocate, but what if he actually enjoys watching such shows? Sounds too weird to you? Well, it is indeed the truth as Harry Potter aka Daniel Radcliffe himself recently admitted that he enjoys watching shows like Love is Blind and The Bachelor.

Daniel Radcliffe admits he loves reality shows like The Bachelor

The Harry Potter actor recently appeared on The Kelly Clarkson ShowWhile he talked about a lot of things on the show, special attention was grabbed when he talked about his “guilty pleasures“. Even though Kelly used that term, guilty pleasure is nothing Daniel likes to define his love for reality shows by. Even when she asked if he believes in such a thing as guilty pleasure, he was quick to deny it. “That’s the thing, I don’t believe in guilty pleasures,” said Radcliff.

“At one time I would have referred to my love of reality TV and The Bachelor as a ‘guilty pleasure,’ but I now just have to admit that I’m unironically enjoying it,” he said. “So I guess that.” The Lost City actor specially mentioned The Bachelor, and how he could not watch the recent season of the show because of the press conferences and other works. “(but) I hear it was mental, the end anyway,” he added.

Daniel Radcliffe on his love for Love is Blind

However, Daniel revealed he is a big fan of Netflix‘s Love is Blind. And he also admitted that he watched the entire show while filming for his project. The host also asked if it is actually Daniel’s choice to watch these shows, or if it was his girlfriend Erin Darke who got him into it. Radcliffe replied, “Erin got me into it initially, but now I have to own the fact that I’m also like, ‘Hey, you wanna put on Love Is Blind?’

Luckily, everyone’s Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe will not have to wait long for the next season of Love is Blind, as season 3 is going to release very soon. Moreover, the show recently received green light for two more seasons after the third one.

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