“I’m so inspired by Sadie’s youth” – When Fashion Designer Stella McCartney Couldn’t Stop Praising ‘Stranger Things’ Actress Sadie Sink

“I’m so inspired by Sadie’s youth” – When Fashion Designer Stella McCartney Couldn’t Stop Praising ‘Stranger Things’ Actress Sadie Sink

Stranger Things Sadie sink has been a source of inspiration for millions of her stars. The actress achieved enormous stardom at a much early age, and because of this, renowned personalities have also looked up to her acting skills and brilliant career.

In her recent interview with Glamour, Stella McCartney had a conversation with the host and how Sadie sink has always been one of her favorite actresses in the industry. The fashion diva also spoke about the similarities that she shares with Sink. All of it makes McCartney grateful enough to admire Sadie to her fullest.

Fashion designer Stella McCartney speaks of her friendship with Sadie Sink

In the course of the interview, Stella was all praises for the 20-year-old actress who is at the budding stages of her career. While speaking about Sink, she said, “I’m so inspired by Sadie’s youth and yet her maturity in her ability as an actor.” She further went on to elaborate on the uncanny similarities and things in common that both of them share.

According to McCartney both of them have a great affection for animals and earthly nature. However, besides it, she also appreciated Sadie’s way of living life which is too similar to hers. Speaking of which she said, “...a shared sense of empathy and ethics in how we live our live(s)”.

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Along with their shared values and moral compasses, Stella is also a huge admirer of Sadie and finds her younger self in the Stranger Things actress. The reason she feels so connected with Sink is that the star resembles her and her youngest daughter, Riley a lot.

She also shared how once upon a time while all three of them were having a good laugh, “it was like the three generations of Stella!”. Lastly, she revealed her most bizarre yet interesting reason while mentioning Sadie’s hair color. According to her, red hair colored people draw her the most. 

Also to mention, Stella McCartney is a world-renowned fashion designer based in the United States of America. She is known amongst some of the Hollywood A-listers for her unique fur-free and leather-free apparel. 

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