“I’m pretty easy on set” – Ryan Reynolds Once Commented on How He Manages To Shoot With a Co-star With No Chemistry Between Them

“I’m pretty easy on set” – Ryan Reynolds Once Commented on How He Manages To Shoot With a Co-star With No Chemistry Between Them

Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds is known for his compatibility skills and professionalism in getting along with co-stars on sets. In a plethora of all his top-rated movies, the star has worked with a slew of co-stars, and every time he has come out shining brighter than ever. But what if we tell you that sometimes that is not the case? Although the father of four is mostly a ‘chill dude’, at times even he does not feel the connection with his opposite stars. So what does he do?

Let us look back at a segment where Ryan Reynolds himself answered the raised question. The Wrexham team owner joined the Sway in the Morning show on the 8th of July in the year 2015. The star was seen talking about his favorite “Showbiz moment” and what it felt like to work with Sir Ben Kingsley. In the course of the interview, Reynolds told the audience his solution to a not-so-strong chemistry with his co-stars.

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What does Ryan Reynolds do if he does not find the spark with his co-stars?

One of the hosts posed a situation before the Deadpool star, asking him about his working ways on sets. She asked if he just pushes through or offers some drinks to the actors in case he does not feel a connection with them. Answering the same, Reynolds gave a thoughtful reply stating that he was “pretty easy on set.” Although there might be a couple of people who think otherwise, the Hollywood star still stayed firm on his affirmations. 

He proceeded to explain that he does not come with “any kind of errors or any idea.” He just simply likes taking it to the screen and doing the job of an actor. Reynolds further expressed his gratitude to be there on the set. Hence, he “tends to have good luck with the chemistry issue.” Making some deeper analysis of the said matter, the star elaborated how this situation arises only if the cast of a film is “personally competitive.” 

Nevertheless, he is still all chill. Even if anybody is compared with him, according to him he is like, “Go for it man, it’s great!” The Free Guy star thoroughly explained how he is not the one to take a jab at anyone. In fact, he ends up encouraging his contestants on set.

In recent times, the star has been persistent in top headlines due to his upcoming movie, Deadpool 3. He, along with confirmed co-star Hugh Jackman, is to give a massive surprise to the fans with a mini-reunion of the X-Men movies.

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