“I’m pissed on your behalf”: Rahul Kohli Backs Mike Flanagan’s ‘Midnight Mass’ Over a Big Snub at Emmy Awards 2022

“I’m pissed on your behalf”: Rahul Kohli Backs Mike Flanagan’s ‘Midnight Mass’ Over a Big Snub at Emmy Awards 2022

Yesterday was a huge day for fans. The nomination for the prestigious Emmy was announced, creating a bittersweet moment for fans. While most were happy that their favorite shows were appreciated with nominations, many were unhappy that other shows were snubbed. One such show is Netflix’s highly acclaimed Midnight Mass.

Fans were outraged when they got to know that Midnight Mass was snubbed from the major awards. However, it looks like more than the fans, the star of the series Rahul Kholi himself, disagrees with the lack of nominations the show has received, especially one that has annoyed him the most.

Let us find out which nomination Rahul thought the show deserved.

Rahul Kohli wanted Midnight Mass to be nominated for at least this category

One cannot begin to list the greatness of Midnight Mass. From Mike Flanagan‘s extraordinary direction to the powerful acting by the cast, the Netflix Original was easily one of the streamer’s best.

However, if there is one aspect of the show that overpowers others, it has to be Hamish Linklater’s performance as Father Paul Hill.

In every scene in which Hamish is present, he commands the attention of the audience. You cannot take your eyes off of him. His ability to be charming and mysterious at the same time is something that wasn’t done before.

However, it was heartbreaking to see that Hamish, among many of his castmates, was snubbed nominations. And that did not sit well with his co-star Rahul Kohli.

Rahul, who plays Sherrif Hassan in the series, tweeted how disappointed he was with the snubbed nominations, especially for Hamish.

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His tweet was replied to by the series’ Director Mike Flanagan, who himself has been snubbed nomination in Outstanding Direction and Best Limited Series, mentioning he did not mind the lack of nominations.

But, the actor replied to the director, saying, “I’m pissed on your behalf.” 

Apart from Midnight Mass, fans of Peaky Blinders also were furious over snubbed nomination at this year’s Emmy. However, where the Flanagan show did not get the recognition it deserved, Squid Games swept the jury off its feet.

What do you guys think? Did Hamish Linklater deserve to be nominated? Feel free to share your answers with us in the comments.

Nevertheless, you can relish the masterpiece that is Midnight Mass anytime on Netflix.

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