“I’m not an expert”- 15 Year Old Millie Bobby Brown Had to Apologize for a Fake Skincare Routine

“I’m not an expert”- 15 Year Old Millie Bobby Brown Had to Apologize for a Fake Skincare Routine

In the last few years, there has been a shift in the market from cosmetics to skin-care products. So, it is no surprise that the internet is full of tutorials and product reviews for people to refer to. Even major celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Billie Eilish, and many more shared their routines with the fans. Jumping on the bandwagon, Millie Bobby Brown uploaded her own skincare process and products. Sadly, it did not go as well as the star hoped.

Nowadays, people are careful about what they apply to their faces and even strive to deal with the harmful effects of makeup and excessive chemicals. When they turn to the internet for help, they expect genuine advice and authenticity. That is why fans lost it when a less than real skincare video of the Stranger Things star surfaced online. Let us find out what actually happened.

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Millie Bobby Brown had to apologize for the pretend skincare routine

Back in 2019, Millie Bobby Brown had just launched her own line of self-care products called Florence by Mills. In an attempt to promote her brand, she uploaded a video showcasing the products and sharing her own self-care ritual. While there is no harm in that, Brown wasn’t actually applying the products. 

Throughout the entire tutorial, Millie did not once use water to wash her face or even use any of the products. Even though she said “so I’m just applying now” or “ I just wiped that off,” she wasn’t doing any of those things in reality. Her makeup before the start of the video remained perfectly intact till the end. This obviously did not go well with the viewers. Twitter explicitly called her bluff and express their disappointment with the Enola Holmes actor.

However, Brown apologetically took the criticism and admitted to her folly.

I’m still learning the best way to share my routines as I get to know this space better — I’m not an expert,” wrote Millie in an Instagram post that has since been deleted.

Since she is still new to this line, she assumed just mimicking her “personal process for that night was okay.” But as she did not mention that in the video, she also understood the backlash. She even urged her fans to give her more feedback. “Please keep sharing your thoughts and I will too!” concluded Brown.

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Well, mistakes are a part of life. As long as you admit to and learn from them, everything works out fine, doesn’t it? What did you think of the skincare routine video and Millie Bobby Brown’s apology? Let us know in the comments below. For those who haven’t watched it yet, Enola Holmes is streaming on Netflix.

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