“I’m Feeling a Little Something” – When Will Smith Went on a Date With Sophia the Robot

“I’m Feeling a Little Something” – When Will Smith Went on a Date With Sophia the Robot

andWill Smith may be irresistible to humans, but he could not impress Sophia, the robot. Will is happily married to Jada, but that did not keep him from going on a date with one of the most advanced human-like robots in the world. In 2018, he met one of the most advanced robots in the world, Sophia. And it looks like the robot was wary of Smith’s robot-killing skills thanks to his movie I, Robot.

Sophia, the human-like robot, was a masterpiece of Hanson Robotics and has made several appearances across different countries around the globe. She even appeared on Jimmy Fallon more than once. The robot is so beautifully developed that you would wonder who is luckier to have met the other, Sophia or Will. Their interaction was not typical, but nevertheless, it was interesting.

Will Smith and his awkward date with Sophia, the robot

Will Smith, who has an official active YouTube channel, uploaded the video of his cute date with Sophia with the caption, “Will Smith tries online dating.” Smith began with a warm welcome by handing her a glass of white wine (which she did not pick), and said “Thank you for coming.” He also shared how much he had been wanting to meet her. He followed that with something flirty: “I’m feeling a little something.” Unfortunately for him, she did not seem too into her date.

Sophia cleared that she was not a big fan of his songs, and declared, “They show us I, Robot, just to make sure we truly don’t get any ideas.” She stumped him with a question on his opinion on the portrayal of robots in movies. The video then hilariously shows then showed a scene from Will’s I, Robot movie of him fighting robots.

In an attempt to move past the awkward line of conversation, Will tells Sophie that she is literally “clear-headed” and easy to talk to before moving in to kiss his date. Sophia has the ability to display more than 60 expressions, and she made sure to use them at that moment. Before the kiss could happen, she put him in the friend zone with “I think we can be friends.” 

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While it was a cute video, it makes one wonder if movies about robots taking over the world could turn true someday. On the other hand, it could expand the dating pool with robot-human relationships. Let us know what you think.

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