“I’m coming over tomorrow night”- When Will Smith Invited Himself for Dinner at Naomi Harris’ House for THIS Reason

“I’m coming over tomorrow night”- When Will Smith Invited Himself for Dinner at Naomi Harris’ House for THIS Reason

Inviting oneself to one’s house is kinda rude and inappropriate, but the rule does not apply to Will Smith. Hollywood’s bad boy once invited himself to his co-star, Naomi Harris’ house because he wanted to taste one of her family’s brilliant recipes. 

The star is still receiving flak for his behavior at the 2022 Oscars. The acting industry is divided in their opinion of that eventful night. However, that is clearly not stopping the Men in Black star from acting. It seems like Smith also has a way of getting what he wants even if it means a mere rum cake!

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Will Smith wanted a bite of the Jamaican rum cake at Naomi Harris’ place  

Naomi Harris and Will Smith were co-stars in Collateral Beauty. During her chat with Jimmy Fallon in 2016, the actress revealed the one time her family had dinner with Smith. Somehow, the actor had gotten to know about Naomi’s tradition of having cook-offs on holidays and their famous Jamaican rum cakes. So, without any further ado, he invited himself over to her place. 

My family had arrived and he was like “I’m inviting myself to dinner. I’m coming over for dinner tomorrow night“,” Naomi revealed.

The Jamaican actress further revealed that her family, which consisted of her mom, stepdad, and younger brother, and sister, had acted extremely casually about the whole thing. However, as the night progressed, her mom and brother found a way to embarrass her. Her brother had taken a photo of the superstar secretly at the dinner table and her mother had uploaded the snap on Facebook, bragging about Smith visiting their place.

The actor is focusing less on food and prepping for his upcoming movie Emancipation and I am Legend 2 now. The sequel also stars his longtime friend, Michael B. Jordan. 

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Well, anyway, the Bright actor got a bite of that delicious rum cake. Have you ever tasted this Jamaican delicacy? What do you thin about his inviting himself? Comment below.

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