“I’ll fight her” – Blake Lively Has Challenged Ryan Reynolds to Break a Fight With This Girl He Is in Love With

“I’ll fight her” – Blake Lively Has Challenged Ryan Reynolds to Break a Fight With This Girl He Is in Love With

The famous comical feuds between Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are not news to anybody. They are known to tease each other on various social media platforms, and their fans highly enjoy and appreciate the banters. Lively recently gave birth to the couple’s fourth child, and it has been a huge mystery since then whether it is a boy or a girl. While the couple has successfully kept the gender of their fourth child a secret, they have also introduced another amusing feud for their fans. It looks like there is a new girl the Deadpool actor is in love with, and it is not their fourth baby.

The Gossip Girl alum recently shocked the internet when she posted a picture of herself without a baby bump. While she made it clear that she had her fourth baby, she is now back to her normal life. And one of the most Blake things she has done is to slam her husband with a sarcastic reply, but what is it?

Blake Lively is ready to fight this new lady Ryan Reynolds is in love with

Lively owns a very famous brand of non-alcoholic, sparkling mixer drinks called ‘Betty Buzz’ which is getting quite a buzz over the internet. Last Sunday the Red Notice actor took a moment to post a thread about his wife’s business venture and appreciated it by writing, “I’m in [expletive] love with @BettyBuzz”. However, Lively being herself, took this to her Instagram and posted it with the caption, “Who is she?! “I’ll fight her.” So this makes “girlReynolds in love with none other than his wife’s drink mixer brand.

This is the arguably internet’s favorite couple’s way to promote their ventures. Apparently, the 35-year-old actress is not the only one in the family running a successful drink venture. Her husband made his debut in this field way before her.

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Reynolds has his own successful drink venture, however, it is not non-alcoholic

While the wife has made her name in the line of successful non-alcoholic mixers, the 46-year-old actor became a co-owner of yet another successful alcoholic brand Aviation Gin. He bought a share of the company from Davos Brands, LLC, of New York, in 2018.

It looks like the couple is as compatible and supportive of each other as the mixer is of alcohol. Let’s see when they reveal the gender of their fourth baby.

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