“I’ll be massively disappointed”- When Henry Cavill Spoke About His Dream Project’s Adaptation

“I’ll be massively disappointed”- When Henry Cavill Spoke About His Dream Project’s Adaptation

The dashing Duke of The Tudors Henry Cavill started his career with television series and films. From Midsomer Murders to Tristan & Isolde, the actor gradually moved towards his glorious path. Surprisingly, this dazzling industry of entertainment was not easy for a charming artist like Cavill. The Jersey-born celebrity also struggled with the American accent for years after he entered the Hollywood.

Cavill faced obstacles lost many major roles, including Nolan’s Batman and Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter. But like a real fighter, he created a unique place for himself as we today see him working with big productions. However, even after portraying iconic characters, including Geralt of Rivia and Superman, he has some unfulfilled desires. The actor once spoke about his dream project that he wants to see coming to life.

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Henry Cavill wants his passion project to be executed GoT style

Henry Cavill is a big-time gamer and has admitted his love for gaming. In fact, one of his biggest roles in his career, Geralt of Rivia, excites him because of his expereince playing The Witcher games. So, if the actor has a project close to his heart, it is not surprising it is realted to a game. According to the report rolled out by Empire, Henry Cavill is interested in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Developed by Games Workshop, it is a miniature war game popular in his home country, the United Kingdom. The game is set in grim darkness where mighty armies fight on their space marines without any mercy or respite.

The Whatever Works star has a big plan for adapting this massive game into a TV show or movie. He stated that the creators have not brought anything till now since they have been careful with their IP. And he thinks it is a “great decision” that they are taking every step with consideration.

“It needs to be handled perfectly. It needs to be handled to a Lord Of The Rings level. And if it’s not, I’ll be massively disappointed,” admitted the actor.

Because this gigantic world of humans, hostile aliens, and other supernatural creatures cannot be adapted poorly; it requires skill and focus. However, this is not a big surprise that Henry is a fan of this fantasy warzone. As he himself is reveling in the treacherous paths full of danger in the Netflix series The Witcher.

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