“I’ll be damned if…”: When Lewis Hamilton Revealed What He Wanted To Achieve Other Than The Titles He Wins In F1

“I’ll be damned if…”: When Lewis Hamilton Revealed What He Wanted To Achieve Other Than The Titles He Wins In F1

Lewis Hamilton is a renowned personality in the world of Formula One racing championship. And he entered the motor race in the 2007 Australian Grand Prix. Currently, he holds the second position with 387.5 pts based on the record of 2021 F1 motorsport. Hamilton is one of the most successful British racing drivers and holds a large number of records. Including seven World Drivers’ Championship titles, 103 pole positions, and 185 podium finishes, among others.

Besides his professional interest, he has been known for defending environmental and social activism. Especially combating rooted racism in our society saying black life matters. If you are also a fan of Hamilton read on to know what experiences he shared as a social activist. 

Lewis Hamilton believes his achievements belong to society 

Lewis has been a lead driver but he does not stop even after achieving all the fame and comfort in his life. The official page of Strong Black Head shared an interview video of Lewis Hamilton on Twitter with the caption: 

“I’ll be damned if I’m gonna win all these championships and have all this success and not use it to make change.” 

Take a look here:

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Because the man believes in “sharing is caring” and he wants to share his success with people. People who have struggled and faced the same things as he did from a young age.  

Lewis wants racism to end with people having equal opportunities 

Like Lewis stated in the video he is the only black man who ever reached this platform of F1. Moreover, he said:

“Every Black kid in the world will, at some stage, experience racism. It’s just a fact.”

Unfortunately, black people have to face situations when people question their identity and tell them they do not belong. Lewis has felt these things throughout his life and he wishes to change the perspective of society toward black people. Meanwhile, his family has always been supportive and worked hard to keep him on track. As they had on money when Lewis was a young boy.

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In addition, he said that he doesn’t feel bothered to speak the truth even if someone dislikes it. Because all his achievements would be useless if he fails to raise his voice against indifference. Well, it is undeniable that Lewis’s zeal to prove himself in an unfitting society helped him outshine. Thus, his voice is heard by people today and his fans believe in his goodness. That is why he was honored with the

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