“If it’s not right, you keep on shooting”: When Henry Cavill Revealed How Much of a Perfectionist Tom Cruise Is

“If it’s not right, you keep on shooting”: When Henry Cavill Revealed How Much of a Perfectionist Tom Cruise Is

Fans are eagerly awaiting the upcoming movie Mission: Impossible-Dead Reckoning Part One in 2023. As per records, this would be the seventh movie of the franchise. The action spy film series originally starred Tom Cruise right from the beginning. However, it had its major game up the moment when it starred the superman of Hollywood, Henry Cavill, in the year 2018. Hence, as expected, casting the two most hefty names of Hollywood, this movie is now the center of attraction for every movie freak. As its next film is around the corner, it is time that we recall some unforgettable scenes from the past.

The British actor, with a gentleman’s demeanor and a physique of an Olympian God along with the most handsome face in Hollywood, set the movie on fire back in 2018. It was marked with a jam-packed action sequence with the two stars standing against each other. One of such scenes was the popular bathroom fight scene that hasn’t lost its charm to this day.

Henry Cavill reminisced one of my most unforgettable brawls of Hollywood

Out of the two stars, The Geralt of Netflix once graced Jimmy Kimmel’s Live show with his flamboyant presence. Henry Cavill spent one fine evening at the show and was an absolute delight to the audience. There they returned to the famous fight scene between Henry himself and his counterpart in the movie, Tom Cruise. The segment gives enough vibes to match it with a James Bond-esque scene.

Usually, it’s a bit hard for a movie series to keep its pieces so fresh by the sixth installment. But these two completely nailed the show. The weightage of the scene can be estimated when the star revealed the amount of time it took to shoot the scene. On being asked, Henry said, “we had a schedule for four days but ended up investing four weeks to it.

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Hang on! There’s more to what you think about the scene

Plot twist: it just took that long cause directors couldn’t probably stop watching two perfectionists completely knocking the camera off. Henry sounded sarcastic enough when he affirmed that, but we can’t completely be in denial, can we? After all, it’s the battle between the greatest of stars that ever blessed Hollywood.

The scene is remembered as one of the best bare fist fights ever. The Hollywood Greek prince then continued to exchange pleasantries with the host. In the entire history of the show, fans wouldn’t have been as crazy as they were when they saw Henry live.

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