“If history has anything…”- Mere Days After the “Toilet Paper” Story, Nathan Fillion Deems Ryan Reynolds ‘Better’ Than Him for THIS Much-Hated DCEU Role

“If history has anything…”- Mere Days After the “Toilet Paper” Story, Nathan Fillion Deems Ryan Reynolds ‘Better’ Than Him for THIS Much-Hated DCEU Role

Many comic book characters have been portrayed by more than one actor. Though they bring their own creativity to the character, fans always love one more than the other. For instance, Henry Cavill’s Superman is more loved by the fandom. In the same way, Green Lantern has more than one actor who gives life to the character. One is Ryan Reynolds, and the other is Nathan Fillion. But who is the best of the two? Well, Fillion has the answer to your question.

In 2011, the Deadpool actor portrayed the character of DC Comics character, Green Lantern. The film stars Reynolds alongside Blake Lively, Taika Waititi, and many more talented actors. Did you know Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds started their romantic journey from this movie onwards? Well, he almost got Lively married to someone else. Well, the Canadian actor talks about it if anyone asks him about how he met Lively. But let’s talk about who is the best Green Lantern here.

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Ryan Reynolds v Nathan Fillion: Best Green Lantern

Nathan Fillion starred as Green Lantern in an animated film titled Green Lantern: Emerald Knights in 2011. Though the film got better ratings than Reynolds’ film, let us see what Fillion says about the best Green Lantern. In his interview with e-talk, the actor played a rapid-fire game with the interviewer. Literally, a few days after Reynolds admitted he wanted to gift Fillion toilet papers, he showed a great Canadian attitude. Among other questions, the last one was about the better Green Lantern. The actor replied, “If history has anything to say about it, really Ryan Reynolds is the only actual Green Lantern.”

Supporting the fellow Canadian actor, Fillion said the Wrexham AFC owner’s Green Lantern was better. Well, do you agree with the answer? Although the to-be father of the fourth baby didn’t always look back at the character with admiration, his fellow Canadian actor likes his version of the character.

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Reynolds always made fun of his Green Lantern, as he once admitted he regretted playing the character. While the fandom would love the American-Canadian actor in any form, are you also one of them? Do you also think the Free Guy actor’s Green Lantern was better than Nathan Fillion’s? Share your views with us while streaming Green Lantern on Amazon Prime.


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