“I’d like to find out whats going on”- Jordan Peterson Reveals His Plans To Talk to Kanye West

“I’d like to find out whats going on”- Jordan Peterson Reveals His Plans To Talk to Kanye West

Kanye West, a multi-industry tycoon was once known for his insanely creative music production and rapping skills. However as of late, West has become a subject of criticism and condemnation from the masses. In recent times, Kanye has become the favorite target for media houses and publications owing to controversies and legal problems. His latest antisemitic comments have landed the rapper in some major problems. And as the rapper struggles his way through the controversies, Jordan Peterson wants to have a talk with West.

Jordan Peterson is one of the most renowned philosophers. Peterson has always been very vocal about his issues. Peterson who is also a clinical psychologist has inspired tons of individuals worldwide. And it seems like the renowned philosopher wants to have a chat with the Flashing Lights hitmaker. Following the antisemitic comments by Kanye West, Peterson had a few things to say about what he feels about the growing antisemitism. Furthermore, he had a few things to say about West as well. But what did he say? Let us find out.

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Jordan Peterson on Kanye West

Recently Jordan Peterson was featured in an interview where he gave his views on antisemitism and even mentioned  Kanye West in the discussion. Speaking about Jews Peterson spoke, “Jews are disproportionately successful for all sorts of reasons.”

Furthermore, while talking about Kanye, Peterson revealed that he is planning to talk to Kanye soon. When asked how he felt about that Peterson admitted, “I would like to find out what is going on. I mean he is a stunningly creative and he seems like a bit too much of a treasure just to throw in the dustbin.

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Moreover, he added that Kanye has got his problems as everyone does. The philosopher even spoke about how all geniuses have their problems. However, unlike many other celebrities who criticize the 22-time-Grammy award winner, Peterson is one of the few people who actually want to help Kanye West. Previously, even Dave Chapelle came into Kanye’s defense during his controversial appearance on Saturday Night Live.

What are your views on the rapper? Do you support him? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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    Donna Lehman
    November 18, 2022 at 5:02 am

    There is real evil in the world and its somehow taken control of people’s minds. Trump, West, MAGA, Must, people with an agenda to force others to take their side. No compromise, not listening to anyone but their own words. Taking us backwards with no future for advancing the human race as one. Keeping us hating, riots, war. They keep us in turmoil to distract from the truth of peace and prosperity for all. There should be no poverty, homeless, starvation! Who are we. I don’t know 😕.

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