“I would just watch these…” Billie Eilish Unveiled the Biggest Inspiration Behind Her Musical World Tour⁩

“I would just watch these…” Billie Eilish Unveiled the Biggest Inspiration Behind Her Musical World Tour⁩

From singing to looks she is one of the most unique personalities in the entertainment industry. Yes, we are talking about the youngest record-breaking star Billie Eilish who achieved paramount success only at 20. The American singer is the first woman in history to sweep all four major categories in music. Billie received back-to-back four awards at the 2020 ceremony for her songs Bad Guy”, When We All Fall Asleep, and Where Do We Go?

The young musician has recently completed her world tour Happier Than Ever. It was a joyous ride for fans who loved the global event and the live performances of the singer. While many people who attended the concerts would be wondering where she gets the power to come on stage and make everyone fall in love. Or who was the inspiration behind her musical world tour⁩? Well, we might have the right answer for you so let’s dig in!

Billie Eilish talked about the artists she followed to prepare for her concerts

In a recent video dropped on YouTube by Apple Music, Billie Eilish opened up about the beautiful experience of her world tour. To celebrate the success of Happier Than Ever, she sat down with Zane Lowe in a car. During the conversation, she revealed the rock band The Neighbourhood was her first inspiration for concerts.

Moreover, Billie added that all this time she wanted to make fans feel the love and inspiration she felt. Also, her major inspiration source was rap and hip-hop performances as they are empowering and free.

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“I would just watch these YouTube videos from rolling loud from these artists that like had the entire crowd like crazy,” stated the COPYCAT singer. Therefore, making people fall in love with music has been the sole goal of Billie Eilish’s music. Most of all, she wants them to feel comfortable and safe at her concerts where they can just vibe in.

Happier Than Ever is available to stream on Apple Music for fans who didn’t go to concerts can now hear her magical voice. Are you a fan of this sanpaku-eyed singer? How do you like her rare voice? Share your views with us in the comment box.

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