“I wish we were…” – Millie Bobby Brown Wants a Cute Relationship With Stranger Things Co-Star Noah Schnapp

“I wish we were…” – Millie Bobby Brown Wants a Cute Relationship With Stranger Things Co-Star Noah Schnapp

Getting to know the answers to the most searched questions on the internet about our ideal or favorite personalities, that too in their own words, is certainly nothing less than a blessing. And it seems like just some 24 hours before, the fan-favorite youth icon, Millie Bobby Brown, acknowledged her fanatics with the same. Rising to stardom through her psionic character, Eleven, in Netflix’s flagship show, Stranger Things, the British actress never saw back. Ever since she has only aimed for a higher goal and unsurprisingly achieved it all.

Within just six years of stardom, the 18-year-old British actor is a successful entrepreneur, a youth icon, a producer, and an appreciated actor. Nonetheless, she has maintained her relationship with her fellow Stranger Things actors the same. Their companionship is like one of those unbreakable childhood friendships that stay unaffected, no matter what. Among others, the entire internet knows of Noah Schnapp and MBB’s closeness. And the Enola Holmes actress answers a crucial question about the two.

Millie Bobby Brown on her relationship with Noah Schnapp

In the final chapters of the fourth installment, Millie’s Eleven and Will Byers had a cousins-like connection as El moved in with Joyce Byers after Hopper went missing. And not just on-screen but the two also share a beautiful bond off-screen as well.

Over years fans have been curious enough whether they are cousins in real life too, and the Enola Holmes character alum finally unravels the truth. The question read “Is Millie Bobby Brown cousins with Noah Schnapp?” And the actress jokingly answered, “indeed I am.” And then immediately denied it saying, “No, Noah and I are best friends. But I wish we were.” 

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Well, it sure would be a whole different level of fun if Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp were cousins in real life too. Stranger Things 4 saw Will Byers coming out as a gay character. Hence what their relationship would look like in the upcoming and final chapters remains to be seen.

Notably Brown had recently appeared for the Wired autocomplete interview to answer the most searched questions on the internet about herself.

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