“I was the shadow…the Plan B”- Prince Harry Narrates How He Was Always Treated as The Spare Even Within the Family

“I was the shadow…the Plan B”- Prince Harry Narrates How He Was Always Treated as The Spare Even Within the Family

Prince Harry left no secrets of the Royal Family unrevealed from the public. After his bombshell docuseries with his wife, the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle, the Duke went nuclear on the family by spilling nothing but facts. Right from the physical altercation with big brother to being called a spare baby by his father, King Charles, Harry said it all. However, there was more than what meets the eye. Pages deep into his memoir, the estranged Prince has unveiled more devastating facts about the Royal Family. 

An excerpt released by The Daily Express proves how the Duke had been left at the mercy of the Royal Family ever since he was a child. Apart from his father, who used to mock him regarding who his real father was, other members also gave an upper hand to William more often than not. A former butler from The Firm also stands witness to how the members always distinguished between the two brothers, mostly after the death of their mother. 

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Prince Harry narrates the story of being a spare baby

The estranged son of the family highlighted the tensions between him and William mostly because of the members. He stated how the idea of the firstborn being the rightful successor of the throne and the others acting like mere backup plans used to bother him a lot. The father of the two wrote, “I was the shadow, the support, the Plan B.” He further continues stating that he came into this world to prepare “in case something happened to Willy.” 

He further continued on how he was always looked down upon to provide “a diversion… a spare part. Kidney Perhaps. Blood transfusion. Speck of bone marrow.” Nevertheless, the Prince never cared to confront the differentiation. He was okay with it as he writes in his autobiography, Spare. He also mentioned how his room was half as small as the luxurious bedroom provided to Prince William. 

Diana’s ex-butler talks of the dynamics at play 

Exposing the age-old mentality, Mr. Paul Burrell,  narrated a short anecdote on how a member was partial to him also in the case of meals and servings. He told The Sun publication how a nanny once served Harry with less number of sausages than William. Upon asking Prince Harry got to hear, “William needs more filling up than you. He’s going to be the king one day“. 

The Controversies have lingered to this day leading to both families falling out of emotions for each other. While William chose to adhere to the palace protocols to emerge as the future King, Prince Harry called it quits with his royal base and settled in the USA with his family. 

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What is your take on the matter? Do you think it was justified for younger Prince Harry to feel that way? Let us know in the comments below. 

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