“I was surprised” – Muhammad Ali’s Daughter Laila Ali Once Revealed What She Felt About Will Smith Playing the Boxer in the 2001 Movie ‘Ali’

“I was surprised” – Muhammad Ali’s Daughter Laila Ali Once Revealed What She Felt About Will Smith Playing the Boxer in the 2001 Movie ‘Ali’

When Will Smith told the story of Muhammad Ali in his movie, Ali, it was none other than the boxer’s daughter who praised him. Ali is considered to be one of the greatest sportsmen and certainly the greatest boxer of all time. Gaining not only a fan following but also respect from around the world, he was a character so intense that must have been a challenge to portray even for Smith.

Ali turned out to be a big success, but the cherry on top was getting praised by the legend’s family members.

How Laila Ali saw Will Smith playing her father in Ali

While fans have seen and admired Ali from a distance, his daughter Laila Ali perhaps knows him the best. So when she was asked about Smith playing her father’s role, she revealed how happy the retired boxer was to see the film. “I was surprised that he did so well,” she said after watching the movie. She also admitted to getting so engrossed in the movie that she would even forget that it was not her own father but an actor playing the part.

When the boxing legend passed away in June 2016, the actor participated in the funeral by being the pallbearer. She believed that the film and the Ali name will always remain a part of Smith’s life. The American TV personality wanted everyone to hear her father’s story through time. With the movie, he now remains eternal and can be introduced to new generations.

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Now, fitting the long and amazing life of Ali in one movie is not possible. But here is a look at the general plot of the movie.

How Ali succeeded with an amazing storyline

The movie primarily focused on the highlighted decade of Ali’s life. His birth name was Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr., before he converted to Islam. His criticism of the Vietnam War and his struggle for both personal and social justice were highlighted with intensity and perfection throughout the movie.

Will Smith got nominated for the 74th Academy Award for his role. Although he did not win that one, the Outstanding Actor Award of NAACP Image Awards went to him. Considering the heavy amount spent on the movie, Universal Studios faced a loss of $100 million. But for fans and Ali’s lovers, it was a success.

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