“I was sure of it” – When Ryan Gosling Narrated the Story of His Dream of Joining the NBA

“I was sure of it” – When Ryan Gosling Narrated the Story of His Dream of Joining the NBA

Ryan Gosling is one of the most talented actors in all of Hollywood. Decades of being in the industry and a penchant for making blockbuster movies have brought the actor many prestigious awards, a shiny Golden Globe Award among many. The actor has worked in brilliant and evergreen movies and tv shows such as Goosebumps and The Notebook. While many of us cannot imagine cinema without Ryan Gosling, the actor himself would not have stepped foot into the acting industry had he been a good basketball player.

Ryan Gosling and his NBA dream

Given that the forty-one-year-old actor has been entertaining us with great performances ever since he was 13 years old, one would think he always wanted to be an actor. Contrary to popular belief, Ryan Gosling had a very different career in mind when he was a kid. While discussing the curse of not being able to watch television after becoming a parent with Jimmy Kimmel, Gosling opened up about his own time as a kid.

When asked about whether he has been watching the NBA finals, the La La Land actor said he hasn’t been able to watch anything but cartoons because of his children.

This resulted in Jimmy Kimmel giving him an amazing parenting tip that works for both babies and pets. However, the Golden Globe award winner seemed to grow nostalgic while speaking about basketball. When the late-night TV show asked him if he played basketball, Gosling revealed that it was his dream to become an NBA star.

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Like any kid growing up in the 90s I thought I was going to be in the NBA. I was sure of it,said Gosling. But unfortunately for him and fortunately for us, he was too short for a long time. And another reason why the actor could not become an NBA player was that, unlike acting, which comes to him naturally, he had no talent for it.

While we are not sure of an NBA career for Ryan, we know one thing for sure: Canadian actors with the name Ryan have amazing self-deprecating humor. Later, Gosling took a long break, not to focus on his NBA career, but to find perspective. The actor made a dashing return with The Gray Man which you can watch on Netflix.

What do you think Hollywood would have been without Gosling in it?

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