“I was like, Fu*k”- When Sydney Sweeney Chose to Reconnect With Herself to Cope With the Intense Burnout

“I was like, Fu*k”- When Sydney Sweeney Chose to Reconnect With Herself to Cope With the Intense Burnout

The lives of actors are extremely busy and sometimes even exhausting, too. While trying to maintain the balance between their hectic work schedule and health, they need to find a way to create their own peaceful space. This is something that Sydney Sweeney can also resonate with. The actress once took a step back from her busy professional life to take control of her health.

In a conversation with GQ UK in November 2022, she talked about her busy schedule and revealed that in order to prepare for her role in the movie, Reality; she wasn’t allowed to quiet her brain. While it was incredibly hard, the actor started to see the effects of her busy schedule on her health. To handle the intense burnout, the 25-year-old actress went home to reconnect with her roots.

While completely getting time for herself, she even switched off her phone for seven days. Sweeney enjoyed the time with her family as she reconnected with nature. While talking about this much-needed break, the actress said, “I was like, ‘Fu*k, I can’t do that again,” referring to her jam-packed schedule. She admitted she needed to find a healthy way to keep a balance between her health and work.

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Why did Sydney Sweeney feel such intense burnout?

As the American actress has been achieving fame, more and more people want to work with her. Euphoria fame had a hectic schedule and she couldn’t get time to even sit back and relax. As she revealed in the interview, Sweeney put everything into the film Reality. When she would get some time off from the film, she had to be present for a photo shoot or interviews. Therefore, while trying to juggle her work, the actress couldn’t focus on her health.

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As a result, Sweeney became sleep deprived and had panic attacks. However, the actress has now made certain changes to her diet and routine to practice a healthy lifestyle.

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