“I was just constantly going” – Millie Bobby Brown Once Did a Stunt on ‘Stranger Things’ Set That Left Her Physically Ill

“I was just constantly going” – Millie Bobby Brown Once Did a Stunt on ‘Stranger Things’ Set That Left Her Physically Ill

From breaking the bones of some teen bullies to casting Henry Creel into a different dimension, Millie Bobby Brown is the fan-favorite character of Stranger Things. Viewers instantly formed a connection with this estranged supernatural kid. They loved her bravery to protect the people she loved, even when it meant putting herself at risk. In the last four blockbuster seasons, we have seen Eleven leading many fights to save her home, Hawkins.

This beautiful 80s town always caught up with a new danger whenever the character thought they were finally safe. The impeccable performance of this young superstar has remained so authentic that it almost made us believe everything is true. Whether she tore the upside-down gateway or was attacked by the US Military during her recovery phase. But did you know there was a moment in the show that actually left the Enola Holmes 2 star physically ill?

Millie Bobby Brown once revealed her hardest stunt on Stranger Things set

In May 2022, the cast of Stranger Things sat down with Buzzfeed for the famous Puppy interview. During the session, Millie Bobby Brown was asked about the hardest stunt she ever did. In her response, the teen actress revealed how she puked after doing a spinning stunt in season 3.

“I had to do a rotation one once where I was just constantly going upside down, which kind of sucked,” recalled the 18-year-old star. Brown continued that she does not like harness stunts, for they make her stomach weak.

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Moreover, the scene which the actress referred to was when Eleven penetrated the mind of Billy. She was trying to get more information about the Mind Flayer by invading the host’s consciousness. We saw that the British star fell through a wave of pitch darkness as she entered his memories.

Therefore, during the shooting of that scene, she spun upside down on a harness which made her sick. Well, it is astounding to see how much effort this young girl makes in everything she does. As we saw how she tackled Claustrophobia inside the Nina tank during season 4.

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What do you think about the physical challenges Millie Bobby Brown took during her journey on Stranger Things? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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