“I was immediately hooked and addicted”: Freya Allan Breaks Down Her Training for the Exhilarating Action Scenes as Ciri in ‘The Witcher’ Season 2

“I was immediately hooked and addicted”: Freya Allan Breaks Down Her Training for the Exhilarating Action Scenes as Ciri in ‘The Witcher’ Season 2

Out of all the things we saw in The Witcher season 2, the Geralt‘s fights, Yennefer‘s wicked plans, Jaskier‘s mice friends, and the abomination that mutated leshy was, there was one thing that stood out and that was Ciri and her brilliant action sequences. Sure, the young girl is a bit new to the entire witcher lifestyle. But the way she molded herself into the new world is quite admirable. Not to mention the beautiful friendships she fostered with Coen and Lambert. However, it is still quite surprising to see a girl who grew up in palaces work so well with a breed of killers like the witchers of Kaer Morhen.

Well, the show is well aware of all the doubts and questions we all have in the audience’s mind. Hence, in a recent video posted on the official Twitter handle of The Witcher, we had Freya Allan aka Ciri guiding us through the entire BTS choreography and stunts from season 2. It is actually so fun for an actress to get so involved in the physical part of the show, and this makes The Witcher even more special for us fans. So, with no further ado, let’s get you to Freya Alan and hear exciting stories from the BTS of the Netflix fantasy drama series.

Freya Allan aka Ciri takes us behind-the-scenes of her The Witcher training

The scene where Ciri is up on a training course, jumping and swinging all around the place, while Lambert and Coen watch her from a distance, has to be one of the most memorable scenes from The Witcher season 2. What would surprise you though is that it is actually Freya Allan and not her stunt double who did all that. And for that, she had to train very hard with the stunt department of the Netflix Original series.

Freya revealed she would spend hours in the stunt department and the stunt coordinator, Adam, had to literally ask her if she was ever going to leave. Even though she knew well that she had to give her body some rest and should not push this much, she just could never stop. “I just wanted to stay longer because I found it so much fun,” Freya said.

She talked about her journey from training with daggers and then moving her way up to swords, which are indeed an important part of the witcher lifestyle. She also revealed how the basic training helped her a lot with the choreography of action sequences moving forward in the show. However, it all comes with pain, as Ciri aka Freya opened up about the stiffness she felt after those long sessions of fighting a straw stack. However, she had no hard feelings about that and said that it felt nice because “it means you’ve worked hard“.

We sure hope to see more of Ciri and her action in The Witcher Season 3. And who knows, maybe she will also make an appearance in the upcoming The Witcher 4 game as well.

Tell us your favorite Freya Allen scenes from Netflix‘s The Witcher Season 2 are in the comments below.

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