“I Wanted to Know More About Geralt…” Says Henry Cavill on His Intrigue About the Character in The Witcher

“I Wanted to Know More About Geralt…” Says Henry Cavill on His Intrigue About the Character in The Witcher

While casting seems to be an easy process, bad casting can ruin the best of series/movies. However, The Witcher fans won’t have to worry about bad casting as everyone has fit in the mold perfectly. The most important one is Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia, the witcher who protects Ciri.

With the second season of The Witcher being an instant hit, the series has passed the acid test. In a live QnA session, Henry Cavill talked about what attracted his attention to Geralt’s role and The Witcher universe overall.

Henry Cavill’s interest in Geralt of Rivia

While Henry certainly had the physique to play Geralt, the Superman actor wouldn’t have got the emotional depth without being a fan. The actor explained his love for the books when he said, “When I read the books, obviously the short stories are fantastic in books one and two. But I wanted to know more about Geralt… I wanted to know his background.”

Henry’s quest to know more and more about Geralt led him into a rabbit hole. “So, Blood of Elves showed me that it took me to this, and it showed me other witchers… It was just such wonderful world-building and character-building in such a massive way but among such a finite group.” Being a Warhammer fan, the lore behind characters always fascinated him.

Influence of The Witcher games on Henry Cavill

We all have fun memories of video games, but Henry Cavill has an additional thing to boast about. The British actor, who has played Witcher 3 and has even read the books, got a chance to act in the live-action adaptation. Thanks to this extensive knowledge, Cavill looked at ease with the character of Geralt.

henry cavill the witcher

“Kaer Morhen for me, I obviously discovered first in The Witcher games, and Witcher 3 specifically that’s the one I really played,” Henry recalled about the first time he saw Kaer Morhen. “It was such an extraordinary place that vista the scenery. And you immediately have that connection to this world…” Henry continued to praise the game.

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Netflix released The Witcher season 2 on December 17.

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