“I used to be crazy about vegetarianism” – Millie Bobby Brown Unpacks Nutrition and Talks About Changing Diets

“I used to be crazy about vegetarianism” – Millie Bobby Brown Unpacks Nutrition and Talks About Changing Diets

Millie Bobby Brown was once crazy about vegetarianism. The Stranger Things actress is always experimenting, be it in movies or in real life. The teen is known for her bubbly personality and frank way of communication, even regarding her life. Although in limelight since an early age, her ultimate breakthrough was playing Eleven in Netflix’s sci-fi show. Years have passed since it began, and we have seen her grow, watched her evolve, and change her ways of life.

Millie is not only an actress or a producer, but the 18-year-old also owns the skincare line Florence by Mills, which has a nearly cult following. Despite the busy schedule, the young adult has found a way to balance it all. The Eleven actresses talked about finding self-awareness as a teen. She opened up on mental health, physical health, her lifestyle and more, in an interview.

Millie Bobby Brown and her trial with vegetarianism

The Enola Holmes actress lives a super busy and active lifestyle, which requires her to stay fit and active in every way possible. The entrepreneur believes that self-care is more than a face mask and that healing is done inside out. In an interview with Marie Claire, the entertainer said, “I used to be crazy about vegetarianism, but I gave up on that because I had to stop filming my last movie.” The actress gave a successful hit playing the lead in Enola Holmes, and the movie’s sequel is expected to be packed with action sequences.

So, being Enola meant having to have some muscle power for the actress. Something vegetarianism could not give her. And so, in order to fulfill her body after a physically exhausting day, she went back to eating meat. However, her love for kombucha and juices is no secret, and she also suggests keeping fruits and vegetables close since they are important for a good diet.

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The actress is also a believer in therapy, puppies, and alone time. Millie Bobby Brown will next be seen in Netflix’s Enola Holmes 2 before reappearing in the fifth and final season of Stranger Things.

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