“I threw up when…”- Sydney Sweeney Once Revealed the Hilarious Story of Her First Day at High School

“I threw up when…”- Sydney Sweeney Once Revealed the Hilarious Story of Her First Day at High School

Sydney Sweeney is a skilled actor who fits into the skin of every role she gets like a chameleon. The 25-year-old is committed to more than ten projects at the moment, which shows her dedication and will to work. Though Sweeney easily fits into the characters on screen, she sometimes gets nervous in real life. The White Lotus star once revealed this anecdote of her personal life in an interview with Teen Vogue.

About a year ago, the Euphoria actress shared her firsts with the magazine. One of the questions about her firsts included the experience of her first day at high school. Initially, she could not remember what it was like, but she soon did as she recalled the horrible incident that took place on that day. “I threw up when I saw the gates of my school, in my gym bag,” the Reality actress revealed.

The White Lotus actress said that it was a new school and admitted that she gets anxious in social settings. Sydney Sweeney mentioned that as soon as she saw the gates of her new school; she threw up in her gym bag. The Spokane native further added that she completely forgot about this detail as she added, “I was so nervous I was shaking.” However, this was not it. There is more to the story.

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Throwing up made Sydney Sweeney feel good

The Everything Sucks! actress further revealed in the interview that as she and her mom turned the corner and approached the school gates; she barfed on all the gym clothes she had in her bag. Her mom was shocked and asked her whether she was okay and wanted to skip school.

Surprisingly, the 25-year-old was comfortable after puking and got out and went to her school. And that is how the twice-Emmy-nominated actress had her first day of high school. Apparently, it was only the first day that made her nervous because the Euphoria girl passed the school with flying colors as she became the valedictorian of her high school.

Seems like the first day of puking proved to be lucky for her. Meanwhile, the Sharp Objects actress and puking have an old relationship since her character Cassie Howard in Euphoria received huge fame and critical acclamation for the scene where she puked in the hot tub at Maddy’s birthday party.

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