“I think I’m becoming stronger” – Remember When Millie Bobby Brown Spoke on How She Is Evolving as a Young Woman

“I think I’m becoming stronger” – Remember When Millie Bobby Brown Spoke on How She Is Evolving as a Young Woman

Not eleven, but Millie Bobby Brown was only ten years old when she auditioned to play the role of Eleven for Stranger Things. The role came in like a silver lining for the then-ten-year-old actress who was distraught after hearing that she wouldn’t make it in the industry by a famous director. Well, whoever the director is must truly be left gaping at their screens as Brown climbed the charts of popularity.

One victory after another, Millie is one of the most successful actors in the industry. She received her first-ever Screen Actors Guild Award at only fifteen years old, after being nominated twice before, leaving the whole world stunned. Not just a stunning red carpet look, but the actress also had some very powerful words to say at the event.

Millie Bobby Brown on becoming a strong woman

Ever since the beginning of her career, the British actress is known for playing empowering characters. Be it as Eleven in Stranger Things, Madison Russell in Godzilla vs. Kong, or the eccentric lady detective Enola Holmes in Enola Holmes, Brown has played strong female characters.

No matter how much she dissociates from her true personality to bring a new character to life, there is one thing that she incorporates in all of them: strength. Millie Bobby Brown received her first Screen Actors Guild award along with the Stranger Things cast when she was just fifteen years old. Furthermore, the actress had very wise answers to give despite her young age at that time.

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When asked how she has evolved as an actor and a young woman in the industry, Brown gave a remarkable answer. ”With every year, I have become stronger” said Millie. ”I haven’t evaluated yet because I am still growing. But I will get back to you when I am no more a teenager,” Brown said.

It is heartwarming to think that Brown, who was just fifteen then, had enough perspective to not evaluate her growth yet. The actress is now eighteen years old and is soon enough going to bid goodbye to her teen years. We would love to hear again from her about how much she has evolved at this year’s SAG Awards.

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