“I think he thought he was Jesus” – Boosie BadAzz Explains Why Kanye West Thought Himself to Be The God

“I think he thought he was Jesus” – Boosie BadAzz Explains Why Kanye West Thought Himself to Be The God

Kanye West perhaps met the short end of the stick a little while ago. The once-upon-a-time richest rapper in the world found himself surrounded by irreversible controversies following his White Lives Matter scandal, the anti-semitic rhetoric, and much more. And amidst all this, the No Child Left Behind singer whose now legal name is Ye might have also thought of himself as the almighty, the absolute primordial being, Jesus himself.

The Youngest of da Camp rapper, Boosie BadAzz has some real insights on Kanye West thinking himself to be the Jesus. In an interview video uploaded by the Twitter page of Rap All Stars, the 40-year-old American rapper explained that from West’s beard to his t-shirt and footwear, everything explains his viewpoint. “I think he thought he was Jesus,” Boosie kick-started his opinionated speech with this tagline.

He then recalled how the Donda Academy owner referred to himself as ‘Yeezus.’ Further emphasizing, “his clothes looked like Jesus when they got straps on ’em. His slippers look like Jesus sandals,” before repeating the tagline three times at least. The rapper then admitted that he might be wrong but “it sure does not like that” to him. Whatever the case may be, the Yeezy brand owner perhaps had his share of unacknowledged behavior and is submitting himself to prudence and rationality.

Kanye West sought police help after finding himself in yet another brewing controversy

Notably, instead of taking the matter into his hands and submitting to violence, the Mercy singer reached out Los Angeles police station to resolve the issue. Following his recent altercation where he deliberately threw a woman’s phone out of the car, some paparazzi prompted a fight with him. West instead decided to seek legal help. A wise step indeed.

The police are now investigating the whole case and we will soon get to know the whole scenario. Till then, let us focus on his long beard and speculate on Boosie’s remarks on his choice of appearance.

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