“I remember struggling” – When Sadie Sink Spoke About How She Felt While Adjusting to the Fame

“I remember struggling” – When Sadie Sink Spoke About How She Felt While Adjusting to the Fame

The breakout star Sadie Sink is adored for her portrayal of feisty Max Mayfield in the cult sci-fi drama Stranger Things. The actress has spent five years on the show, starting as a loner and terrified young girl. Fans soon discovered about her personal life, which is chaotic and messed up because her stepbrother Billy threatens her. Moreover, if we see her whole journey, she never found peace or happiness, and she is always struggling with her past.

Things only get complicated as the storyline proceeds since we saw Max unveil the face of Vecna to other characters, while she is trapped in the inescapable trap of death and gets crushed by him in season 4. Her acting was exceptional and the actress got recognition for her raw presentation in the series. However, handling attention in the world of glamor can be challenging for anyone young and naïve. The All Too Well star once spoke about how she felt while adjusting to overnight fame.

Sadie Sink was overwhelmed by the attention she got after Stranger Things,

In 2021, Elle played their famous game Ask Me Anything with Sadie Sink, who had recently become a center of attraction in Hollywood. Because stardom can impact the life of a person and it is not easy to tune quickly with it, the actress was asked, “What has been the most difficult part about adjusting to fame?”

In her response, the Free Street star said that going out during the pandemic was easier since her face used to be covered. But there was a time when everything felt overwhelming and difficult to adjust to. “I remember struggling with that at the beginning like getting really anxious whenever people would ask for pictures,” explained Sadie.

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Sink added that she had learned so many things from the entertainment industry. For instance, she has to travel all the time, and being independent was a big adjustment. She had to fight boredom and loneliness sometimes after long shoots.

Fortunately, on Stranger Things, she met many amazing people who supported and helped her. We have seen Millie Bobby Brown and Sadie Sink become real-time bestie goals after meeting on the set.

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What do you think about this beautiful ocean-eyed star? Leave your thoughts with us in the comment box. Meanwhile, check out Sadie Emmy-deserving performance in Stranger Things season 4 on Netflix.

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