“I remember even when Lady Di and Prince Charles…” – Hugh Jackman Opens Up About His British Roots and His Father’s Reactions to the Royal Wedding

“I remember even when Lady Di and Prince Charles…” – Hugh Jackman Opens Up About His British Roots and His Father’s Reactions to the Royal Wedding

The Royal Family has always been a hot point of contention, not just among the common people but also among the top Hollywood stars. We are all aware of the news and controversies that surround the Royal Family. Especially since Netflix’s series Harry and Meghan premiered worldwide, the Royal family is always making the headlines. While a number of celebrities oppose and criticize the Royal Family, a few others are very fond of the Monarch. And recently, the Wolverine star Hugh Jackman also opened up about what he felt about the Royal Family.

As we all know, Hugh Jackman’s drama movie The Son made its way to our screens previously. And the actor has been busy promoting his film in the media. Recently, the actor appeared in an interview on SkyNews where the actor spoke about a number of topics. Jackman even made an interesting revelation about his family roots.

Jackman revealed to SkyNews that even though he is an Australian, he is very much a part of British heritage. He added how The Royal family is also a part of his family’s history. The actor recalled the time King Charles’s wedding to Princess Diana and how it became a family event for him. “I remember even when Lady Di and Prince Charles got married, I remember my father making us all come down,” said Jackman.

Apparently, the royal wedding was a matter of great importance for Jackman’s father. So, the entire family watched the event on television and even popped a champagne. The Reminiscence actor further wished King Charles great luck as he takes over as the new monarch. But that’s not all he talked about when it came to the monarchy.

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Jackman extended an invitation to King Charles to join him for a cameo scene in the upcoming film Deadpool 3. Why? Because he dreads having to spend so much time with Ryan Reynolds and needs a hand! If the X-Men actor’s wishes come true, the Free Guy actor would be meeting the King for the second time after his brief encounter with him and the Queen Consort late last year.

While Jackman deals with his dread of spending long hours with Reynolds, he is also promoting his latest release, The Son, which apparently changed his relationship with his children.

What is The Son starring Hugh Jackman about?

Based on stage play of the same name, The Son starring Hugh Jackman serves as a prequel for the Oscar nominated movie, The Father. The drama movie recently premiered worldwide on January 20. Hugh Jackman plays Peter Miller, a well-established lawyer. The film will take you through an emotional ride as Peter struggles to deal with his teenage son, who suffers from mental illness. Given the subject, the film has changed how Jackman talks to his children, harboring honesty and openness in his conversations with them, as he confessed to SkyNews.

Along with an emotional story line, Jackman’s performance in the drama movie will leave you in awe. Apart from Jackman, the American actress Laura Dern also stars in the movie as Miller’s ex-wife.

Owing to Sony’s deal with Netflix, The Son will also be available on Netflix to stream. However, as of late, the film is limited to the theaters only.

Have you watched the film? Do let us know what you feel of the movie in the comments below.

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