“I personally wanted to punch…” – Elon Musk Gets Candid About the Constant Hate Speech and Infuriating Anti-Semitic Comments of Kanye West

“I personally wanted to punch…” – Elon Musk Gets Candid About the Constant Hate Speech and Infuriating Anti-Semitic Comments of Kanye West

In recent times, Kanye West has gone from being one of the most successful and popular rappers in the industry to becoming one of the most hated celebrities there is. The 22-time Grammy award winner finds himself surrounded by controversies and legal feuds. Owing to his controversies, the rapper was even removed from Twitter. However, soon after Elon Musk took over the platform, he reinstated West’s account.

But, it did not take Kanye long to make controversial statements on Twitter. Recently, West praised Hitler and even posted the Swastika sign via his Twitter account. Owing to all these activities by West, Elon removed the Flashing Lights hit maker’s account from the social media platform again.

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As we all know, a number of popular individuals and celebrities have called out Kanye for his controversial statements. Joining the list of people unhappy with the Heartless singer is Elon Musk who went candid about the constant hate speech and infuriating antisemitic comments of Kanye West.

What did Elon Musk say about Kanye West and his antisemitic comments?

As we all are aware of, Elon Musk is a firm believer of free speech. Soon after taking over Twitter, the world’s richest man reinstated the accounts of several controversial figures like Andrew Tate and Donald Trump. While Elon reinstated Ye’s account as well, Musk removed the rapper after he posted the Swastika symbol. During a recent live session, Musk expressed his anger over the rapper’s actions.

The Space-X owner spoke during the session, “Posting Swastikas in what in obviously not a good way is incitement to violence. I personally wanted to punch Kanye, so, that was definitely inciting me to violence.” He added that posting the Swastika is justifiable only if there is a historical context and not to provoke antisemitism.

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As we all know, Twitter previously removed Kanye’s account over anti-Semitic comments. Furthermore, he even lost his partnership deal with Adidas. Recently, the 808s and Heartbreaks hitmaker made some shocking statements about Elon and ex-president Obama as well.

What are your thoughts on the rapper’s banishment from Twitter? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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