“I never cried more…” – Sydney Sweeney Once Opened Up About Her Failure to Buy Her Mother’s Dream House

“I never cried more…” – Sydney Sweeney Once Opened Up About Her Failure to Buy Her Mother’s Dream House

Sydney Sweeney is one of the actors who has made it in the industry without the help of a godfather. At the young age of 25, the multi-talented actress owns a production house under which she was producing big-budget films in collaboration with international production houses such as Sony Pictures, which is a big deal. But about a year ago, her career was just taking off and she did not have as many projects as she now does.

She was making good money, but not enough to buy something she has always wanted. In an interview given to Cosmopolitan, Sweeney spoke about the one she feels bad about not being able to buy.

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What was that one thing Sydney Sweeney wanted to buy badly but couldn’t?

When The White Lotus star’s family moved to LA, they sold their Spokane house in order to get a new one in the big city. It was the house she grew up in and was her mother’s “dream house”. Her parents got divorced even before she turned 18 and since then, she was planning to buy that house back so that she could bring her family together in it and save her parents’ marriage.

The 25-year-old also mentioned that when she began acting, she was a minor, and hence a portion of her earning went to her bank account which she could not access until she was 18. So when she turned 18 and thought of buying the house with the money she had earned, she realized, she had “nowhere near enough money. I never cried more in my entire life,” confessed Sweeney to Cosmopolitan in 2022.

This was the situation where she felt extremely helpless. And this was not the only thing that made this small-town girl sad. Her complicated relationship is something she discussed in that interview.

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How is Sweeney’s relationship with her family now?

In February of last year, she told the magazine that her relationship with her mother had improved. However, her father and she had drifted apart, which was heartbreaking for her. On the other hand, her brother and she are better than before.

The Everything Sucks actress is recovering from the emotional loss she had now and is working hard to fulfill all her dreams.

Have you ever felt helpless, like Sweeney, when you could not buy something you badly wanted to? Tell us in the comments.

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