“I need this” – Sydney Sweeney Leaves Fans Wanting More With Her Custom Kiss Print Bikini

“I need this” – Sydney Sweeney Leaves Fans Wanting More With Her Custom Kiss Print Bikini

Sydney Sweeney has fans rushing for their purses to buy a bikini. It is no ordinary bikini but one from the collection born out of the actress’ recent collaboration with Frankies Bikinis. When the Los Angeles-based beachwear brand first announced its team-up with the actress, fans were beyond excited. But its latest post featuring a special bathing suit has its loyal customers impatient for the new collection to drop.

Sweeney is known for giving her 100% in everything she does, but her current partnership with Frankies Bikinis had her lather on layers of lipstick and kissing paper. The result is a bikini that fans just cannot wait to get their hands on. As part of its promotional activities ahead of the drop one of the new collection, the beachwear brand put up a post of the Everything Sucks actress wearing the custom kiss print bikini.

As per the actress’ confession in the caption of a previous post on her Instagram and during her interview with Elle, the lips printed on the bikini were hers. If that wasn’t enough for Sweeney’s fans to rush in to buy the bathing suit, its silhouette certainly will provide the motivation. With high-cut legs, a triangular neckline, and wrap details, the “gemma” one-piece is as iconic as one can get this summer. The white bathing suit has Sweeney’s lips imprinted on it in light pink.

Named Love Letters by Sydney Sweeney, the new collection will drop its first batch on March 14th, with the second drop in April. The collaboration was the result of the infamous bathtub scene from Euphoria season 2. The said episode had the actress donning Frankies Bikinis’ Gemma one-piece.

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While Sweeney found filming the scene gross, it resulted in the featured bikini selling out within hours. So, it is no surprise that the brand’s latest post has had a similar effect on its customers and fans.

Sydney Sweeney makes fans want to buy Frankies Bikinis’ latest collection

The moment Frankies Bikinis shared the image of Sweeney posing in the kiss print bikini, fans went wild, letting the brand and the actress know how much they love the new bathing suit and how desperately they wanted it.

“oh I NEED THIS. i want this. I LIVE for this.”

“i NEED this.”

Some made it very clear by commenting “I need this” under the post, while others simply stated how they couldn’t wait until March 14th, when the new collection is available for purchase.

“I need this bathing suit 😍”

“Need this asap!!🥹”

“🔥 cannot wait to order.”

Meanwhile, some fans had specific ask, ranging from wanting the print on other clothing types to hoping to avail the bathing suit in men’s size.

“I need that print on a board short ❤️‍🔥”

“does this avail in men size?”

The reaction of fans is not any different for a previous post from Sweeney, where she first shared her pictures in Frankies Bikinis’ latest collection. With the simple and unique design, the Reality actress has won everyone’s hearts through this collaboration. When March 14th arrives, we will see if reaction to the Instagram posts reflects in sales of the bathing suits.

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Did Frankies Bikinis’ latest post make you want to buy their new collection? Let us know in the comments below.

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