“I love them and so does my dog..” – 5 Things That Meghan Markle Keeps in Her Fridge

“I love them and so does my dog..” – 5 Things That Meghan Markle Keeps in Her Fridge

Wonder what a Royal member keeps in their fridge? Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, once slipped the details. The actress, despite not being a Royal, was still an actress in Hollywood, having her own name and fame. This means having certain things in her abode, especially in the fridge, that cannot be compromised.

The celebrity is back in America after choosing to quit royal duties. Though things likely changed after marriage for her, including diet, considering her royal status and her marriage into a different culture. But in an interview once, the actress slipped in some details about favorites that one can always find in her fridge.

So what does Meghan Markle have in her fridge?

Meghan Markle has maintained her physique by sticking to a mostly vegan diet. Though the actress has also revealed liking sushi and other seafood on different occasions. She appeared in the August fashion feature for Good Housekeeping with whom she also had an interview. It consisted of her talking about fashion, food, and more.

The former actress does not like the word diet, though she did reveal the contents one can always find in her fridge: hummus, carrot, green juice, almond milk, and chia seed pudding. Turns out there is a reason she has carrots in her fridge: “I love them and so does my dog, strangely,” as the Duchess put it.

The interview was from a time before her marriage to Prince Harry. The 41-year-old is now a mother of two, and may or may not have updated her diet in accordance since then.

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She once had an active lifestyle blog called The Tig wherein she discussed food recipes of her own, such as fish tacos, avocado toast, and pasta. The entertainer has explored different diets throughout the years, from veganism to pescetarianism. Although the Duchess of Sussex tries to stick to it the majority of the time, hearty meals during the weekends become a reward.

Now that the actress is back in the entertainment industry as a producer, would you like to see an update on the items in her fridge? Let us know in the comments.

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