“I kept filming myself” Millie Bobby Brown Once Talked About How She Drove Her Detective Character in ‘Enola Holmes’

“I kept filming myself” Millie Bobby Brown Once Talked About How She Drove Her Detective Character in ‘Enola Holmes’

Have you ever given it thought that Millie Bobby Brown has been lucky for Netflix all these years? If we see both Stranger Things and Enola Holmes were massive successes as she starred in the lead roles. The credit goes to her impeccable talent that the world witnessed with their eyes for the first time in Hawkins. Likewise, her feisty character reincarnated through a feminist, youth-driven lens was equally loved by fans.

Our all-time favorite sleuthing star’s performance in the mystery drama was undoubtedly enthralling. But embodying the true image of a highly intelligent, perceptive, and unconventional female wasn’t an easy task. How did the 18-year-old star prepare for such a challenging role? What was her strategy before she stepped onscreen to play the part?

Millie Bobby Brown talked about how she got herself in the boots of Enola Holmes

In a 2020 virtual interview with MTV UKMillie Bobby Brown & Louis Partridge played the Quick Draw game. During the session, the Enola Holmes stars were asked that did they take help from the iconic books of Sherlock Holmes to prepare for their roles.

In her response, Millie stated that she didn’t read any books although they would have been a great inspiration. “What I did do in prep though that I kept filming myself and looking at camera,” explained the Godzilla star.

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Moreover, she added that the character was meant to directly address the audience and break the fourth wall so she prepared her dialogue with the camera.

Meanwhile, the actress was also trained by professionals for stunts and fight sequences in the movie. However, it required more effort because she was wearing period costumes that include leggings, a corset, an underskirt, socks, and heels.

Everything you need to about Enola Holmes 2

Like the last time, Millie Bobby Brown is once again the narrator of her story as she is running into a deadly mystery. Directed by Harry Bradbeer the sequel is certainly more grim and entertaining seeing the hints the trailer has given us. The teenage hero of the film will team up with her best allies to find a missing girl and also uncover the dark secrets of London.

But have you noticed there seems to be a new romance brewing between the Viscount and this young woman? Can’t wait to find out! Enola Holmes 2 will be arriving on Netflix on November 4, 2022.

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Will this danger be worth it for a significant name like Holmes? Will Enola be successful in finding the people behind this conspiracy? What do you think? Let us know in the comments!


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