“I just had my genealogy done” – Meghan Markle Speaks Up About Her Nigerian Roots on the Latest Archetypes Episode

“I just had my genealogy done” – Meghan Markle Speaks Up About Her Nigerian Roots on the Latest Archetypes Episode

Ever since the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, started off with Archetypes on Spotify, Tuesdays come with a bombshell revelation for the audience. Starting from the initial days of her career to all the perils of life she had at her threshold, Markle has revealed it all. However, this Tuesday, the former American actress opened up about her genetic heritage. 

While most of us were under the notion that the Duchess is purely American since it is her native, turns out there is much more than what meets the eye. Far away from the lands of North America, on the coast of West Africa, Markle finds her origin. The previous day, along with other guests, she revealed she was half-Nigerian by birth. Dive in deeper to know the ins and outs. 

Meghan Markle reveals her Nigerian roots for the first time in public 

Markle’s latest podcast centered around decoding the myths about black women. The episode shed light on the irrational reason behind them getting labeled with certain default attributes and how the world together as one community can fix it. While deciphering the same, she engaged in a conversation with Ziwe Fumudoh of ‘Ziwe’ Showtime. Ziwe is a talented writer and comedian, whose show challenges America’s troublesome front with issues like race, politics, etc. 

The two powerful women started conversing about the world’s apparent problem with Black women. In the course of the episode, the American comedian actress happened to share the fact that she was a Nigerian by birth. Having a safe place to share, Meghan Markle revealed that she was also 43% Nigerian. This came as a huge shock to not only the audience but the guests who accompanied her. Ziwe almost jumped out of the seat out of excitement, confirming the fact with others. 

Markle dived a little deeper and talked about her “genealogy done a couple of years ago.” She also revealed that she will soon explain all of it with better in-depth analysis, as anyone whom she had told seemed to be taken in by disbelief. This was the first time the former American actress spoke about her genetic origins on a public platform. 

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We are hoping to fetch more details about the same in her upcoming podcasts. What are your reactions to the Duchess’s Nigerian origins? Were you aware of it before? Tell us more in the comments below. 

3 thoughts on ““I just had my genealogy done” – Meghan Markle Speaks Up About Her Nigerian Roots on the Latest Archetypes Episode

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    October 27, 2022 at 12:58 am

    It’s important that people like me have a voice about Meghan Markle. I am a Progressive Liberal Democrat and a card-carrying NOW feminist who has marched with her brothers and sisters in the BLM movement and has protested out in the streets as well as voted in the booth. For too long we’ve been given a False Dilemma Fallacy, either one believes the grift of Markle or one is a racist, one is pro-Meghead or one is a misogynist, one is all Markle or one is a hater. Nothing in between, only black and white thinking. I used to be a huge Markle fan. I was so proud a beautiful, American woman of color was on a global platform. And then she quit, and I thought m’kay, maybe they just want to be alone. But then she said she wanted to kill her child and herself because she found out what it’s like to be a Black woman. Now I knew she was going to face discrimination there, I’m no dummy, but in America we fight discrimination with our fists in the air. We are FIERCE! And then all the lies in the Oprah interview (nope, I do not believe Catherine made HER cry) and the completely entitled, stuck-up candy a$$ interview in the Cut. And now she says her Nigerian heritage is huge for Nigerians. You know what would be huge? If Markle used her own MONEY to pay contractors to build a children’s hospital and her own MONEY to buy the medical supplies and MRI and x-ray machines, and her own MONEY to pay the Doctors, the Nurses, the Pathologists, the Surgeons, the Administration, in Nigeria. That would only be one hospital – so it’s really not that huge. But it’s definitely more HUGE than her being 43% of Nigerian ancestry. She’s a fake philanthropist who uses other people’s money for her PR. USE YOUR OWN MONEY, give until it hurts, stop buying so many clothes and mansions and actually be what you want people to believe you are. Because right now, Markle’s a liar and a fraud. One Young World is a scam. Better Up is a scam. Archewell is a scam (the playground in Uvalde was funded by a local artist, the PTA and three local businesses – Markle rents the name of Archewell to charities to get money for her puff pieces in the media). She used the MURDERS of 19 SCHOOL CHILDREN for her filthy netflix PR – that’s evil in my book.

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      January 17, 2023 at 4:40 am

      I don’t believe she has any Nigerian roots. Nigerians are very respectful of people especially their parents and in laws. Her behavior is not Nigerian at all. She should not try to dump her attitude on Nigeria. She should look for another country to claim heritage.

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    January 17, 2023 at 6:10 am

    Dont forget U CRYED!!! I So love Candace

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